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Caperdonich 1972 37 Year Old (Whisky Shop Dufftown)

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Caperdonich 1972 37 Year Old (Whisky Shop Dufftown)

Product details

  • Brand: Caperdonich
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 49.7%
  • Age: 37 year old

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Caperdonich 1972 37 Year Old (Whisky Shop Dufftown)

Hi folks. This is my first review and hopefully not my last.

Caperdonich is one of the distilleries that will never produce another drop of this lovely liquid. The site has been purchased by an engineering firm who, at present, is converting the buildings into another workshop.

On the nose, there is a fruity sweet smell. Like an old scottish grannys kitchen just before chrismas where shes preparing the chrismas cake and tablet (sugary fudge, look it up on the net).

On the pallette. The initial hit is the fruit dancing about your tongue followed by a nice warm feeling as it slides down. The sign of a good whisky to me is the "Hairy Worm" feeling, that is where you feel the heat warming your body as it passes down towards your stomach. This Caperdonach ticks this box.

The finish. The taste lingers for a long time not excessive just right. It's warm, and at the very last the wood comes through but not overpowering. This is a very good dram that is one to savour with a close friend while reminising times gone past.

Overall this is a definite pure speyside malt. No hint of peat to spoil the experience. I found that it did not require water. Worth a taste to see what could have been a great long lived producer. This will be a sad loss to the taste buds.

If interested you can check out their website. www.whiskyshopdufftown.co.uk

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