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Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Standard stuff

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mReview by @masterj

10th Feb 2013


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Chivas, always there for a quick easy sip. Let get reviewing.

Nose: Salty, faint wafts of oil, citrus, grainy like a Irish Whisky, and very faint scent of vanilla oak. Simple nose really, nothing much to ponder over here.

Taste: Again the grain comes right through. Accompanied by salt, smoke, creamy oak, and a little bit of tar and spice. Remains a little oily on the palate. Very light, smooth, nothing flamboyant about this.

Finish: Oaky/woody, Lime, Orange rind, dry and sticky.

That's it.

I see a lot of poor marks for Chivas 12 year and I really can't bring myself to follow suit just because it doesn't blow me away. Chivas is a blend, it's not complex, nor have I ever heard of it having a reputation as a stellar and spectacular Whisky. It's simple, light and enjoyable to me. The names a little gimmicky but so are other Whisky names out there, which I won't mention, that are equally "Regal" if you know what I mean. At least Chivas does not promise what it cannot deliver. Price is about right also for what you get. I can't complain. Solidly average, and that's not a thing that should be reproached in this Whisky. It doesn't promise to me to be liquid gold, nor do I have to pay in bullion to acquire it, it is what it is, simple/average. No shame in that.

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Rigmorole commented

I tasted Chivas in my late teens. I hated it. In fact, it's what kept me away from scotch for nearly 20 years after that. Of course, what I tasted was the lowest run on the Chivas ladder, but still. Yuck. I will never sip a Chivas again. It's against my religion (searching for the Holy Grail of single malt scotches).

7 years ago 0

masterj commented

@rigmorole chivas isn't the worst scotch you'll taste on your quest for a grail. Besides its a blend. Cheap one at that. You could add it to soda or w.e. you want without feeling any guilt. I like it for its versatility and affordability that comes with its profile. Not everyday is a $100+ scotch day. I maintain a variety of spirits for different occasions. Chivas has its place in my bar. Everyone has a different perspective on a dram. I respect your opinion we won't all like the same things. Sadly though I've tasted singlemalts much worse than Chivas going for 3x its price. So not the worst thing out there.

7 years ago 0

michaelschout commented

@rigmorole I actually had the opposite experience with Chivas 12. It was the first whisky that I drank where I realized this stuff isn't so bad and maybe there's more to whisky than just getting drunk off of it. Like @masterj said, while it's not the best, it's so versatile.

7 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

No offense meant. Enjoy that Chivas!

7 years ago 0

Volks commented

very fair review, and totally agree it is standard and decent

7 years ago 0

masterj commented

@rigmorole none taken. Thanks for helping to create a discussion.

7 years ago 0

rags211 commented

Hi Folks,

I stumbled upon a 2ltr chivas 12 year bottle at my parents place, i presume the bottle must be atleast 12-15 years old and its un-opened. Is it ok to still drink the alcohol? The color of the alcohol hasn't changed yet. Is there a way to test/check if the alcohol is spoilt? Any suggestions and recommendations is appreciated. TIA.


5 years ago 0

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