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Clynelish 14 Year Old


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@AlexswedenReview by @Alexsweden

10th Sep 2015


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I had my expectations set a little bit too high before testing this whisky. It is not bad. Not bad at all.. But not stellar nor enchanting.


Wax! First thing that strikes me is that it is a very waxy nose. Having it breathe for a bit allows it some development. Make way for marzipan, Anjou pears, and vanilla. Bourbon barrel.

There are some more interesting notes here and the nose is really decent but lacking complexity. Something that becomes a theme in this review.

I get a really sweet sour note, Think sour strawberry candies. Jelly strips with sour sugar sprinkles. There is a tiny citrus tang that accompanies and succumbs to the sour sweetness. Sugar powdered marshmallows. It is a really sugary nose.

The tang also gives it a fresh quality that is quite to my liking. A bit like a dry, acidic champagne.


The palate offers rhubarb, vanilla custard, strawberries and something reminiscent of a sweet White wine. Progressing it turns towards bitterness. Mostly sweet, not much else going on here.


Bitterness persists. Pear, waxy, strawberries. Perhaps just the faintest air of smoke. It is a tiny bit floral actually, something i hadn't noticed before and a bit more interesting but still more of the same.

All in all a decent dram but not at all living up to its rather hefty price. At least here in Sweden.

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Alexsweden commented

For the record this is from a 20cl bottle that has been opened about 5 months.

4 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

I too found this underwhelming when I went through my first (and probably last) bottle a couple years ago. Boring. No maritime element that I could find, which was the main draw in my buying a bottle.

At least you got the famed wax. I didn't; that at least would have made it interesting to me if not tasty.

It is solid though, with no flaws. My disappointing experience with the OB 14 YO didn't stop me from buying a dirt-cheap IB 6 YO this year, which seems just as good and way better value for when you want a nice simple "neutral scotch."

4 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

Yes, boring! Not bad but boring. The wax adds but it isn't a note that I'm particularly fond of.

4 years ago 0

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