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Clynelish 14 Year Old

It's No Brora But.....

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SReview by @Sroberts86

30th Aug 2012


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On the nose my first impression is not great. The first big hit is of straight up harsh spirit. I keep going back but very little emerges. Finally after some water I get less spirit and more grain. There is some underlying muskiness but over all is slightly uninspiring I feel. When I drink it, I feel again that it is slightly drowned out by spirit but the body is very light, smooth and pleasant. There is some sweetness and even a touch of salt left once the sweetness goes. I'm actually quite disappointed as I was hopeing for quite a lot that I haven't found, even the finish, long as it is, does not make me rush back. I will need to wait a while and come back though. Perhaps me or the bottle has had a bad day. There was no unpleasantness or sulphur etc, this was just not as complex, interesting or sweet as I had expected.

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BlueNote commented

I have had those kind of days where nothing tastes good. But I have had the Clynlish 14 and thought it was quite decent, if not spectacular. I really think it merits at least 20 points more than you have scored it. Try it again on another day, or try a different bottle, you may have got a bad one.

7 years ago 0

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