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Clynelish 14 Year Old

Grass, Pear...Delightful!

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@UisgeJonReview by @UisgeJon

5th Jan 2013


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Last night I took it upon myself to try a Scottish pub nearby that has quite the selection of Whisky. A huge array. This gem is the Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City, OR. Came for the Whisky, stayed for the company.

I ended up meeting the owner of the place, who was sitting at the table next to mine. He happens to be very dear friends with a one Jim Murray. Go figure. We got to talking, and before long we were talking about tasting, nosing, life experiences, and everything of the sort over some drams of his chosing. Truly a splendid time.

This Clynelish 14 was first on the docket just before he and I began talking, and man, what a great value for the price point.

Nose: Very nice, very inviting... I picked up on grass, orchard fruits and honey at the front, with a bit of black pepper in there. Mm. I like.

Palate: This did NOT disappoint! What a palate. More of that grass, barley, orchard fruits like pear, with some peppery heat at the end. That dance that those sweet fruity notes and peppery spices are playing is really, really enjoyable. This bugger was only an 8 dollar dram? Money well spent.

Finish: Long! A big fan here. He hangs on. I get more pear in a big way, orange zest, some more kick. This left a grin on my face. Talk about a killer value!

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Towards the end of this dram is when I began speaking with the owner of the pub. This night was just getting going, in a really good way.

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PMessinger commented

Awesome you have another one that I also have but not tried yet. This is one I will look forward to as well. Thanks again. :)

7 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

What about the finish on this one? Any good? Ralfie.com dissed the finish, but he said the rest was top drawer. The nose, exquisite, body out of this world. Nose, not so much. I've never tried it. Will soon.

7 years ago 0

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