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By @cricklewood @cricklewood on 22nd Jan 2019, show post

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RianC replied

@MadSingleMalt - Sure I saw a vlog where they say that they didn't think it through but then when they realised it was too late so they just went with it.

Kind of fits their quasi-goofball approach.

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RianC replied

@MadSingleMalt - I had a look at his picture and immediately thought 'ex bartender who made cocktails and thought he was Tom Cruise+A*' . . . I'm sure we've all encountered them!?

That such a fella is a rep for Diageo speaks volumes. sighs

At the festival I was at while back the Diageo rep wouldn't simply let me taste samples. He had to pour us a huge shot of Laga 8 (OK so far) but had us down it in a oner then open our mouths wide and take a massive inhalation - I nearly coughed my throat out! I think the aim, as per the article, is to make their whiskys appeal to the hipster crowd. Hmmm.

That he may well have considered me a hipster was the most upsetting thing! worried

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fiddich1980 replied

The subject of whisky vlogs and whisky reviewers was discussed at @Nozinan Epic Tasting. @OdysseusUnbound your forgiven for not having attended. Life priorities DO take precedent over whisky. I'm sadden to hear about your frustration with the LCBO.


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I listened to the first half of the Bourbon Pursuit podcast, episode 189, with Eddie Russell and I have to say I'm impressed. Maybe it's "star power", or the fact that I'm a fan of Wild Turkey, but Eddie comes across really well. Genuine and authentic are words that come to mind. He speaks (so far) with candor about what works for them, what doesn't etc. He even mentions other brands (Maker's, Four Roses, Beam) without being derogatory or turning the conversation into a pissing contest. It's more of a "it makes sense for them to do X because of Y". His openness in discussing how his dad went about creating Rare Breed is fascinating, and he is quite open about the disagreements he's had with "the people on the business side of things at Campari". I can't wait for tonight's commute home to listen to the rest of it. I may have to pick up some Rare Breed too....although I am running out of space. Maybe I'll open my Stagg Jr. Batch 9.


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cricklewood replied

@OdysseusUnbound I listened to that one on my commute to the epic tasting. A great interview, I don't think it's all star power, he doesn't seem to be posturing.

I think there's something special happening at Wild Turkey,I still think it's crazy that they are often present during barrel picks at the distillery, I don't think there's many large distilleries currently where the head distiller will take you on a warehouse tour and help you select you own barrel of their product as a de-facto way of doing business, that's normally something that would happen only for VIP's or whatever.

There's a really interesting blog called rarebird101 (the guy who runs it was on an episode of Bourbon Pursuit recently too) it's run by a wild turkey fanatic and he says the stuff that has been maturing in thew new warehouses at wild turkey is making it's way into the bottling of 101 and he things it's a shift in style that is of high quality. Says to be on the lookout for 101 bottled in mid 2018 and onward.

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