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By @cricklewood @cricklewood on 22nd Jan 2019, show post

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RianC replied

@MadSingleMalt - Sure I saw a vlog where they say that they didn't think it through but then when they realised it was too late so they just went with it.

Kind of fits their quasi-goofball approach.

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RianC replied

@MadSingleMalt - I had a look at his picture and immediately thought 'ex bartender who made cocktails and thought he was Tom Cruise+A*' . . . I'm sure we've all encountered them!?

That such a fella is a rep for Diageo speaks volumes. sighs

At the festival I was at while back the Diageo rep wouldn't simply let me taste samples. He had to pour us a huge shot of Laga 8 (OK so far) but had us down it in a oner then open our mouths wide and take a massive inhalation - I nearly coughed my throat out! I think the aim, as per the article, is to make their whiskys appeal to the hipster crowd. Hmmm.

That he may well have considered me a hipster was the most upsetting thing! worried

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