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Cutty Sark

The ship has sailed

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@PMessingerReview by @PMessinger

30th Aug 2015


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Warm smooth sweet arrival earthy herbal/citrus middle develops a sweet malty creamy vegetal finish.

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Victor commented

P, my dear friend, you give plenty of descriptive adjectives, and a score, but no words to correlate which parts of the description get which parts of the score.

What, for example, in your description, makes this a 77 point whisky, and not a 97 point whisky? You do not say. We can only make blind guesses about what about which parts of this you liked and which parts you did not like.

RESPECTFULLY, (your whisky pal)


7 years ago 0

PMessinger commented

Thanks for your feedback. I only expound on my whisky reviews in the comment part. I try to be adjective and informative in my notes. As far as my subjective parts of the whisky I usually address those points here. Cutty Sark is a good blend but not high on my list of blends. I tried this one years ago and only recently rediscovered it. Thanks for your feed back I always respect and enjoy the points of view that you bring out. I guess I just want to do a basic no frills review so as not to sway a persons experience, I only keep my notes basic so others can try and decide if they may like it. Thanks again for your thoughts.

Respectfully, Patrick.

7 years ago 0

mct commented

I guess in the land of cheap blends, the JW black still reigns then.

7 years ago 0

PMessinger commented

@mct JW Blends are better than Cutty Sark in my honest, humble opinion. Thanks for your feedback.

7 years ago 0

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