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Cutty Sark

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Cutty Sark

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Cutty Sark

This tasting took place back in April 2016. I know we're dealing here with a mixer, but it's fun to taste one of these as if it were something higher: once in a while you might get a pleasant surprise (not very often, though.)

The pour is the palest I can remember: very light straw-yellow. Aroma is low as well: a little porridge, some grass, a hint of conifer (spruce, pine needle.) The sip is simple and quick; the finish, never-lingering, bitterless and without character. Bah.


Haha! This whisky has a VERY special place in my heart.

Here in my area of Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, things were really difficult for a long time.

We lived without electricity for about a week, without running water for about 3 weeks, without gas for well over a month and shopping at grocery stores and convenience stores required long waits and access to limited items for a long period of time. Cutty Sark was one of the few whiskies I managed to get my hands on at that time. This whisky got me through some very, very hard nights!

I love this stuff, and to me it will always remind me of overcoming that difficult time every time I drink it..... ; )

Exactly. In such dire circumstances, with no other whiskies to choose from, I can assure you I'd not only drink it, but certainly enjoy it. This blend or, for that reason, any other one.

Glad to know you overcame such period and can now enjoy many more drams. Here's to you.


Cutty Sark was originally developed by Berry Brothers & Rudd. It has been around since 1923. The name is that of a tea clipper that you see on the label – since 1955. The ship itself was built in 1869 and was the fastest in its day. In 1954 it was taken out of commission and can be visited today as a museum ship in Greenwich, near London. We try a recent bottling of this (dirt cheap) blend.

The nose is very sweet, but also quite grainy. Hint of ale, appels and dandelions. Vanilla and peach, but unfortunately also something that I can only describe as compost heap. Rotting fruit. Not exactly my kind of nose.

It is sharp on the palate, a bit rough. Again malty and grainy. Apples and vanilla. Fruit cocktail in its own juices. But the impression of stale beer is never far off.

The finish is mildly spicy and bittersweet, but short. In the back of the throat some smoke seems to develop, but it is gone before you realize it.

Not exactly an interesting blend. I guess this is more apt to mix with. Well, for 15 EUR a bottle, what did you expect?

Credit to you for writing this one up where many wouldn't bother.

Anything but J&B! ;)


Warm smooth sweet arrival earthy herbal/citrus middle develops a sweet malty creamy vegetal finish.

Thanks for your feedback. I only expound on my whisky reviews in the comment part. I try to be adjective and informative in my notes. As far as my subjective parts of the whisky I usually address those points here. Cutty Sark is a good blend but not high on my list of blends. I tried this one years ago and only recently rediscovered it. Thanks for your feed back I always respect and enjoy the points of view that you bring out. I guess I just want to do a basic no frills review so as not to sway a persons experience, I only keep my notes basic so others can try and decide if they may like it. Thanks again for your thoughts.

Respectfully, Patrick.

P, my dear friend, you give plenty of descriptive adjectives, and a score, but no words to correlate which parts of the description get which parts of the score.

What, for example, in your description, makes this a 77 point whisky, and not a 97 point whisky? You do not say. We can only make blind guesses about what about which parts of this you liked and which parts you did not like.

RESPECTFULLY, (your whisky pal)



The title is a dutch phrase that means "everything is fine" however it can also mean there is nothing going on. That is exactly how i would describe this Whisky. The whisky is relatively cheap, the taste is not unpleasant, its a fairly sweet round whisky with a bit of a peppery but very short finish. A fine whisky for beginners, but it will not impress a more experienced enthusiasts.

After i just finished the bottle, i'm not really tempted to buy another one, but is wasn't that bad either. Good value for money, hence my score of 70.

Im looking for a replacement for JW black as the daily staple blend.

Can cutty sark be it?


Cutty Sark is one of the top 10 best-selling blended whiskies in the world and was launched in 1923 by London wine and spirits merchants Berry Bros & Rudd. It was created to be light in colour and body, contrary to many of the blends on the market at the time. Its key component malt is the Glenrothes.

The nose is incredibly light, with some sweet honey coming through, accompanied by a malty undertone. In addition there are some grassy notes. I have hardly ever had a less unspectacular nose.

The palate is smooth, light and fruity, with vanilla and caramel developing along the way. Again this is rather indistinct and after a while becomes almost watery.

The finish is very short, fruity and rather dry. Obviously this was created for easy drinking or to be used in cocktails. Not unsurprisingly it holds nothing in store for whisky enthusiasts.


This is the entry level Cutty Sark, should be light bodied and easy drinking, as it is aimed to be consumed in hotter climates originally.

Nose: Starts with a bit of alcohol bite then it’s fairly Fruity and sweet with Malty notes , Grass and with pears and apples.

Palate: A bit sharp with a solid Malty backbone. Vanilla and some oak are also there.

Finish: Rather short. Fruity and dry.

Don’t Expect great things from this one, it’s an easy drinker, would guess most people would consume it with some ice. Fair for the price.


Bright apple juice gold in the glass; noses ever so subtly, with peaches and vanilla; light body, clear as day grains gather immediately to the fore, with a mad rush of malt, followed by a warm, long finish of vanilla extract.

For such a young dram, this is really a quality whisky - a budget go-to for sure.

Im looking for a replacement for JW black as the daily staple blend.

Can cutty sark be it?

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