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Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

You'll Eat Your Hat!

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

27th Dec 2015


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  • Brand: Dad's Hat
  • ABV: 45%

Mountain Laurel Spirits distills their rye whiskey out of the Grundy Mill Distillery in Bristol, PA. All they make is rye, and they call it Dad's Hat (with a classy, old-fashioned fedora on the label). The distiller is Herman Milhalich, who apparently does a pretty wide cut of the spirit, which is then blended by John Cooper after maturation. The mashbill is 80% rye, 15% malt and 5% malted rye, which is the traditional bill for rye whiskey in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of American rye (far predating bourbon production). The spirit is matured in quarter casks for only 8-9 months before being bottled.

The colour is a reddish gold. Quite spirity and youthful on the nose, with green apple skins, fresh cut grass, sawn lumber, mint and molasses. Oaky and spicy. Quite powerful, extremely floral and herbal. A pleasure to nose, but avoid water as it dampens both nose and palate.

On the palate there is cinnamon, peach, cayenne and quite a bit of wood. Juicy. Dried fruits, pipe tobacco and plum pudding, but with a spicy rye kick in the pants.

The finish is long, fruity, and well balanced between spice and oak. A bit too spirity for a Manhattan, this is regardless a rye of exceptional quality. Lew Bryson scored this a 90 and awarded it Craft Whiskey of the Year for the 2015 Whisky Advocate Awards. Challenging but rewarding, this whiskey is a lot of fun to drink. Thank you to my friend Steven Radcliffe for leaving this heel behind after our annual holiday tasting party!


Robert99 commented

@talexander great review. Sounds like a winner to me. Do you know if it is available in Canada?

3 years ago 0

talexander commented

I can only speak for Ontario (where it is definitely not available), don't know about other provinces. My sample came from a friend who picked it up in the US.

3 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

Yes @talexander, this whisky is a lot of fun to drink. I visited that particular bottle more than once at the unparalleled and immensely enjoyable annual holiday tasting party.

3 years ago 0

talexander commented

"Unparalleled" he says! Well, that is a high compliment, my friend! It was a great time, and I'm very glad Steven brought it. I still have a wee bit left...

3 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

All I remember from that bottle is what I wrote in my notebook.... Pickle juice and spices on the nose...

3 years ago 0

talexander commented

@Nozinan, those are definitely some dominant notes - though I don't mention pickle juice in my review, that's a very good description.

3 years ago 0

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