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David Nicholson Reserve

Another very solid Luxco sourced whiskey

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24th May 2017


David Nicholson Reserve
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So David Nicholson is an old brand picked up by Luxco from the Van Winkles in about 2000. I won't bore you with the history because it's about as relevant as the British MG sportscar history if you buy an Indian made MG today. Other than the name there's nothing else in common.

Rumours say this is Heaven Hill juice. Either way, it's sourced by Luxco and they have really started to put some very decent products on the market, and thank God, they've started to land at decent prices. Rebel Yell 10 being their biggest success with bourbon aficionados so far, David Nicholson Reserve is another very decent whiskey. I bought this because I heard via Fred Minnick that it did very well in the San Francisco World Spirits competition.

Colour: very rich clear chestnut brown.

Nose: big rye notes, dill pickle, rich caramels and muscovado sugars, demerara sugar, crystalized fruit, leather, stem ginger, red apple skins, icing sugar, vanilla, new oak. Really nice sweet nose.

Taste: brown sugars, caramels, quite astringent new oak, some greeness or oak sappiness, spicy, white pepper. There's some sweetness but it's gone pretty quick with some bitter oak wood and spice notes hitting.

Body is medium, not very oily.

Finish: not huge, but there's some fruitiness, oak wood, warming spices.

Overall very solid for the price. Nose is great, taste doesn't quite live up to it, but very decent.