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Diageo to reopen Port Ellen and Brora distilleries

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By @Hewie @Hewie on 9th Oct 2017, show post

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@BlueNote it is my understanding that a stated age applies to the youngest component in the bottle. The bottle may contain one or more other age components. For a bottle that is stated as ten years old over a series of years as part of core range, the age composition spectrum can change from year to year. As a result the flavor profile and perceived quality can be different each year depending on the stocks available, the skill of the blender, and the intentions of the producer. A producer can make a ten year old of consistent profile and high quality to establish an outstanding reputation and sales record. Later output in the same bottle can have a smaller percent of the better ages and qualities at lower cost and higher profit. Is there an age stated bottle that has maintained its profile and quality over the last five years? Maybe those NAS bottles that maintain profile and quality are not so bad!

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BlueNote replied

@plattvillepeat Ah, yes I knew that the stated age was that of the youngest component. I guess I was confusing age with ABV. I thought you were suggesting that the stated ABV on a bottle only applied to the youngest component of the contents. It sucks getting old. confused

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Nozinan replied

@BlueNote Unless you're a single malt. The older you get, the more popular you become.

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan If I was a single malt I'd like to be Highland Park 30, and be 30 years old forever; or until somebody drank me.

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