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Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Single Barrel

Always check the bottle

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mReview by @masterj

8th Nov 2013


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So this particular barrel was "hand selected" by the retailer I purchased this from. It is barrel 64 and was bottle for this store (which I rather not mention). I don't know if ER has a standard distillery bottling but I will be more diligent in the future and avoid any barrel that was selected by a retailer and is not a standard bottling.

Nose: Immediately a strong alcohol hit. I left it for 10 minutes so it could open up and got a very strong corn predominated nose. There are slight hints of brown sugar and toffee. The alcohol was so prevalent it prevented more smells from coming out.

Taste: Again more corn. A hell of a lot of rye. The kick on this is unreal, more intense than some of my rye whiskies. Hot alcoholic burn. It's the first I've experienced a bourbon of this proof with such a hot, pronounced, alcohol burn.

Finish: Resinous, Corn oil, slightly bitter, and that's it, nothing else.

What have I learned? Distilleries have a master distiller for a reason. So an expert can select what to bottle. This selection is amateur at best. No balance, never mellows out, I just didn't enjoy it. I took this bottle to a party so it could die a terrible death in cocktails. Hated it!

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Rigmorole commented

I appreciate your forthright review

10 years ago 0

mbrohl commented

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with that particular barrel. I actually have found the standard bottling that I've had to be quite pleasant. Everyone's pallet is different of course. If you ever decide to give it another chance I hope you enjoy it much more.

9 years ago 0

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