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Enjoy Whisky, or Learn More About It?

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By @Victor @Victor on 9th Nov 2018, show post

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BlueNote replied

@Victor As usual, you have managed to distill a large subject down to the three most salient points. We follow where you lead.

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JayRain replied

@Victor Exceptional post - read, read (online version of hear, hear)

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Victor replied

@JayRain thank you! At Connosr we have a very large tent...people with all sorts of approaches to whisky and to other spirits. It is always important to remember the least common denominators which keep us together.

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Victor replied

@OdysseusUnbound I like Wild Turkey Bourbon--quite a lot, actually. But that fact has not prevented me from going about 8 years since I have had a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon open in my house. How can that be? Well, it's all of that distraction of learning about other whiskis of all stripes that I might come to like, just as I like Wild Turkey.

Yes, "Learning more about it (whiski)" is quite a distraction for me.

The tug between pure enjoyment of those products I already know and the exploration of new products remains strong for me.

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PeterG7 replied

I've been a single malt person for many years. Lately, I've decided to give bourbon a go. I was surprised to find that there is indeed a distinct flavour to different bourbons. I recently bought maker's mark for no particular reason other than I liked the seal.

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Victor replied

@PeterG7 it is a very big world with a lot to like in it, but getting to know its pleasures and potentials requires an investment of time, experience, and money. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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