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Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky

can't expect more for this price

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@TombaReview by @Tomba

14th Jan 2013


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nose: a lot of young whisky involved here, so a stronger alcohol note is perceptible. compared to single malts this blend appears obviously quite diluted to the nose. nevertheless, sweet tones, honey, butterscotch, classic hints of american oak. there is a very little salty and a very low heather and smoke tone reminding highland park when you give the spirit some time to open up a bit. gives it an umami touch. malty nose, very low vanilla notes. poor aromas here and very washed-out, not a lot intense stuff to pick out here in general.

taste: quite washy and aqueous (no oily texture), malty and grainy to the tongue. rhubarb and maybe some banana. sometimes a peppery touch (not from the alcohol).

finish: quite dry, classic bitter-sweet and the bitterness persists for some time.

summary: honestly you can't ask for more for this price. very easy drinking here, for the price and the watery feeling it goes down very quickly. I quite enjoy it for a regular dram with low expectations. quite pleasant and totally drinkable straight without any water or ice. if you don't have much money and no need to impress yourself or some people joining you for dinner it's a very good emergency solution. I think the reason for an affordable and enjoyable blend is to pay way below then some single malts out there. and this bottle totally delivers what you pay for in my opinion. don't ask for much and certainly not for the gourmet type of drinker. for the low budget portemonnaie that still wants to achieve an acceptable whisky experience!

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Tomba commented

I always have a blend on my shelf for non so special occasions and for a quick sip now and then. So I bought a second bottle of Famous Grouse and I'm really disappointed. Quite different than the first bottle, rather bitter than subtle sweet in the finish and very watery in the mouth. I presume that such variations occur, especially with high produced blends like this. I sometimes use this blend for cooking, especially with meat. Won't buy another bottle for sure.

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