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Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky


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@MisterDiggerReview by @MisterDigger

25th Jul 2013


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Being that this is the most popular blend in Scotland and very affordable and easily available, I thought that I would give this a try as something to keep around to avoid wasting money on the good stuff when my tongue and judgment gets clouuded.

Well, many years ago when I was writing music reviews, many of my loyal fans would often ask for my trademark "fist in the gut" reviews of those works that go out of their way to deserve this "honor". This Famous Grouse has earned this distinction for tasting like household cleaner mixed with corn syrup. And the Scotch thumb their nose at Dewar's (which is not much better)? The only reason that I gave it an extra 20 points was that my neighbor enjoyed mixing it with lots of Coca Cola. I gladly let her do this rather than throw it away, and I was shocked that she liked it.

Maybe I should go back to Ballantine's to serve my purpose as a cheap backup, as this is what I drank 40 years ago when I was dirt poor. I heard that they also make a great 17 year old, if one can find it.



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Neilinely commented

It shows how much you know that you call the Scotch 'Scotch'. Scotch is whisky - the people are Scots, and if you call them Scotch they are likely to hit you hard over the head with a bottle of it! And since this is their favourite blended whisky - and the SCOTS know what they are talking about in this regard - I think I'll go with their judgement!

9 years ago 0

Erlend commented

I just bought a bottle of basic , simple inexpensive whisky that is perfectly ok. I recommend the Bushmills Tripple Distilled

7 years ago 0

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