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Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 23

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

14th Sep 2016


Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve
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I came home from work today and stuck my hand in the mailbox to get the mail and there was a package for me. Intriguing. Wrapped in brown paper with my name and address but with no postage.

I brought it into my home and my wife's first question was - is it a bomb? After all, I've been heavily engaged in political activity the past year.

It wasn't a bomb... it was whisky. a 4 pack of very familiar looking sample bottles. A big thank you to @Nelom for refilling the bottles I had given him with stuff I don't have and returning them to me.

Unlike many of my samples, I will try to try and possibly review them quickly (who knows, maybe more coming tonight...they are small pours).

I tried Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve at Whisky Weekend a couple of years ago during a tasting with John Hall (the best question was by @paddockjudge), and while I thought it pleasant, like many Canadian standard offerings I didn't think I'd ever like it enough to drink a whole bottle of it.

let's take a closer look:

This bottle was opened June 2016, no word on gas preservation so likely not, and the sample was poured in August. I reviewed it in my usual manner (as per my custom, no water added for Canadians).

I note it is very dark for a NAS whisky and suspect a little filtration and colour.

Nose - Weak. Hint of fruit, apple, some caramel. 20/25

Taste - Very sweet but not syrupy. Thin mouthfeel. Seems to become richer after a few sips. Brown sugar, caramel, mildly spicy. 21/25

Finish - Very short. Dry, astringent, a little sour. 20/25

Blance - the nose and palate work well together and it is quite pleasant if not complex. 22/25

Total Score 83/100

This is something I would accept if offered, as an easy sipper requiring minimal attention. I would guess that if this were ramped up to 50% or better, cask strength, it would have stunning power.

We can only dream...

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