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Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

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@Reece3253Review by @Reece3253

19th Apr 2011


Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve
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After being held gently by Forty Creek's "barrel Select" and then being taken on a journey by their "Confederation Oak" I had a tingling in my spine and a thirst (to sip) for more. The only direction for me to go was to land a bottle of "Double Barrel Reserve."

This whiskey was meant to be a limited release but was so well received that the folks over at the distillery in Grimsby Ontario decided to make it a permanent part of their line. (Lets hope that they take this route with the 'Confederation Oak')

Nose:Much stronger than bother "Confederation Oak" and the "Barrel Select". The Kentucky Bourbon casks have definately affected the aroma of this whisky. After a few minutes of allowing the whisky to settle down and open up some wonderful notes begin to show themselves: Sweet corn and toastd nuts. There is a fruit combination in the background that I think includes, apricot and banana. (I was pleased with the banana!). There is a slight hint of rye spice on the nose that tingles much liek but not as strong as "Confederation Oak" and there is a particular accent of something 'green' about this nose. I can't put m finger on it. Maybe some spear mint, fresh grass or green tea leaves? (I suggest you look for it yourself and educate me. Moving on-

Pallet:The pallet is strong and scintilating! The flavor of the bourbon casks lead the charge on the tongue and then give way to the traditional "Barrel Select" flavors come through but are held up by the complexties of this whisky. The corn and barley notes carry through with the sweetness of the corn holding up the barley and giving away to the spice of the rye. Beyone that is the banana I smelled on the nose and the apricot comes up along with some gentle christmas orange. Some nuttiness shows its flavors as well; pecan or hazelnut.

There are more flavors that reveal and change as the finish carries and thins in layers over a minute or so. This whisky changes over the more time it spends in the glass and this is an example of when finishing barrels are used correctly. Some Sherry, bourbon, portwood, finishes tend to kill or over sweeten a spirit but this "Double Barrel Reserve" is just enough to create depth and complexity.

This is one that I am sure will change as the bottle empties and as oxidization takes place. I would decant it but I want to see how it goes. This will always be on my shelf!! Enjoy! (59$)

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Reece3253 commented

I hate to comment on ym own review btu I forgot to say the glass smells like toasty oak and brown sugar. Cheers!!

13 years ago 0