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Georgia Moon Lemonade

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Georgia Moon Lemonade

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Georgia Moon Lemonade

Technically speaking, this is not whiskey. It’s ABV is 5% short. I already tried – as an experiment, I hasten to add – the George Moon Corn Whiskey, much to my dismay. So the expectations for this ‘spiced with lemon’ expression were low.

The nose is lemon and little else. The corn has a hard time revealing itself. This smells more like a bad lemon Geneva than whiskey. Phew! Mind you, I can appreciate a good lemon Geneva, but this doesn’t even come close.

The dram is oily and makes your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth. Lemonade is the perfect name for this stuff, because that’s exactly what it tastes like. Completely and utterly devoid of pretense, complexity and… an absolute low point in my (admittedly albeit short) history of tasting.

Surprisingly the finish is long, but in this case that’s not a plus.

This is not worthy of your time, palate and money (about 30 EUR, for crying out loud) if you are looking for whiskey. Nice as a topic of conversation, sure (‘Hey, did you try this? Weird sh*t, eh?’), but that’s about it. There is even a Peach version as well, but I’ve had my fill (figuratively speaking, thank the Maker!) of Georgia Moon. Avoid! Run! Save yourselves!

@Markjedi1, leaves no stone un-turned in the whiskey world ;)

@LeFrog LOL! Well, it's a dirty job... etc. :)

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