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Glen Grant 5 Year Old

Perfect Summer Malt

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@michaelschoutReview by @michaelschout

28th Aug 2011


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Vacationing in Italy I saw this bottle everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They had it at supermarkets, liquor stores, little confectionaries, everywhere; so I decided to try it seeing as I've never had anything from Glen Grant before.

Nose- Very fruity nose to it. It isn't particularly complex but very delightful and light. There is a slight vanilla tone to it before the alcohol takes hold and you get the fruit scents.

Palate- I hate to take the tasting notes on the bottle word for word, but with this single malt the tasting notes don't lie. It's a very light malt but surprisingly neither oily nor dry on the palate. This is the youngest single malt I've ever had, but it was as smooth as any 12 year old I've had. The initial flavour is that of vanilla. It's a very soft vanilla tone, then the fruit kicks in with big apple tones bursting and perhaps a light peach tone hiding in the background.

Finish- The finish is a little dry but doesn't dry out the mouth entirely. This is where the oak tones and nutty tones from the casks comes through. A rather short finish but I would say that it is quite adequate for such a light single malt.

Overall- I really like this whisky. I think that it's a reasonable everyday malt for hot climates. It's by no means complex but it was super refreshing and in my opinion easily rivals a Glenlivet or Glenfiddich 12. Wherever I saw it the price was always around 15 euros. I paid 17 for a little gift pack that came with the bottle, a Glen Grant tumbler glass, and ice tongs, and I think that was a very reasonable deal.

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