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Glen Mhor 1979 22 Year Old

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Glen Mhor 1979 22 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Glen Mhor
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Series: Rare Malts
  • ABV: 61.0%
  • Age: 22 year old
  • Vintage: 1979
  • Bottled: 2001

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Glen Mhor 1979 22 Year Old

There is not a single trace left of the Glen Mhor distillery today. After it was closed in 1983, the buildings were demolished 5 years later to make room for a shopping center. Bar this Rare Malts release from 2001, there are no official bottlings that I am aware of. I have only tried 5 independents before, with very mixed results.

Oh, this is quite good, actually! The nose is herbal (heather and grass) and floral (narcissus, nettles) with lots of fruit. Think quince, green plums, unripe banana, oranges and lime. A touch of smokiness from the toasted oak, diesel fumes, mud and rust! What fun indeed.

The arrival is quite powerful, but that’s no surprise with this ABV. Again quite floral (think rose water) and fruity on pineapple, oranges and mirabelles. The wood speaks up too, delivering a nice bitterness without going over the top. Vanilla, ginger, liquorice… but the waxy side – think candle wax – does give it an extra layer of complexity.

The finish is sweet and drying at the same time and lasts forever! At the death, I get an unexpected salty note.

What a fun, complex Glen Mhor. Very, very good. Hurray. Thanks, Chris.


Glen Mhor (say Glen Vawr) means Great Valley in Gaelic. She was owned by Diageo that shut it down in 1983 during its big round of closures. For production, water was taken from Loch Ness. This bottling by G&M, the best known Scottish bottler from Elgin, contains a liquid that was distilled in 1979 and bottled after 21 years.

Hmmm, the nose is weak. Loads of sweet malt and some fruit in the shape of pears, but not much else. Some vanilla and apple juice. Slightly bitter.

It is a bit oily on the palate and softly seasoned. This is much better than the nose. Fruity on apples and oranges, a little bit zesty. Nice hint of woodspice. Beeswax and vanilla. Not bad.

The finish is rather short and light. Hint of smoke.

The nose and finish were rather ordinary, while on the palate this was a pretty good whisky. Thanks, Arnout!

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