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Glen Mhor 1982 / 28 Year Old / Cask# 1328


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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

26th Nov 2017


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Well, this is a bit of an oldie. After all, Glen Mhor was closed in 1983 and demolished a few years later. On the former site, you will find a shopping center nowadays. I have only been able to try 4 drams of this lost glory so far. Always a bit of fun, no? Liquid history… Altough… come to think of it, so far this malt from Inverness has never been able to impress me. Maybe this Wine Treated Cask (what the hell is that?) can convince me. Let’s do this.

The nose is fruity and sweet on the one hand, but has a big herbal side from nettles and freshly cut grass on the other. Luckily the fruit wins out, making this quite a lovely nose. After a few moments quite a bit of honey kicks in to underscore the sweetness of the nose. Then some olive oil and lemon peel join the fray. Finally some melon. With a vengeance! Wow, I would almost call this nose complex!

The body is good, the strength as well. The palate offers a hint of cardboard, but that is quickly overtaken by wonderfully juicy fruit and something that reminds me of crystal sugar. Very sweet, in fact. Woodsmoke rears its head. Loads of citrus (grapefruit!) and is joined by a handful of nuts. Make that pistachio. This is, to be frank, absolutely delicious.

A very long, bittersweet finish, that shows quite some spices. Melon at the death.

Wonderful. Without a doubt the best Glen Mhor I have tried so far. I know it is only my fifth, but the other four were letdowns one by one, while this is really very good.

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