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Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Mellowed

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Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Mellowed

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  • Brand: Glen Moray
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Mellowed

This Glen Moray still enjoys an age statement, i.e. 10 years. It got a finish on Chardonnay wine casks. That particular grape can be found all over the world, but primarily in Burgundy, France. I was unable to find out how long said finish was, but I presume several months.

Oh, this nose is surpringly fruity with peach, apricots, fresh apples, ripe grapes, gooseberries, butternut and juicy pears. What a pleasant surprise. Hint of freshly sawn planks. Completely devoid of spices, though. Hint of vanilla and someā€¦ white wine.

The arrival is rather watery. It could do with a little more body. The grapes come first, then a slight metallic touch before the spices kick in. Think vanilla and a mild pepper. But unfortunately it is a lot less fruity than the nose promised. The apples return, but towards the end it turns somewhat dry. From the second sip on I even get a floral edge. Lavender? Violets? Darn, that is a pity.

The finish is, in all honesty, rather short.

It all started so promising on the nose, but it could not keep that promise on the palate. Just under 35 EUR, but then I would rather get the Port Cask Finish. Thanks, Pat!

"Mellowed"? "Finish"?

Is this not the same as one available in the US, which is completely matured in those wine casks?

Is this not fully matured in Chardonnay casks rather than finished ??


Nose: Interesting. Toffee, fizzy sherbet and water melon. Slightly floral.

Palate: Sweet with some citrus fruit. A hint of cream, toffee and honey then turning slightly vinegary.

Finish: Dry oak, more sherbet and honey.

Balance: Light and pleasant as a general rule but nothing to pull it all together.

A very drinkable whisky that lacks any real consistency or punch. I do wonder if this would be better at 46% ABV. Nice enough I suppose.

robslater1978 is this a review of the bottle as pictured, the NAS one,which was discontinued several years ago or is it of the 10 year old Chardonnay Cask ,an expression I like quite a lot .It's a great value whisky.

It's the 10 year old Chardonnay Cask. Probably picked the wrong bottle in the list!


A close friend of mine purchased the 12 yo expression a year ago. I've been putting it off all this time, I guess I just simply forgot. So, I started researching online and find out that Glen Morays are a great "bang for the buck" whiskies. I figured I start with the 10yo. A great value at $35, especially that it's been aged for its entirety in Chardonnay casks. I don't know if anyone else does that. I love Chardonnays, especially in the summer, where here in South Florida during that time of the year it's scorching hot. It would be suicide to drink a Cabernet with a heat index of 109.

Nose: Fresh, vibrant, barley, yeasty bread, vanilla, pineapple, lemons, chardonnay, hazelnuts.

Palate: Sweet arrival, like whip cream drizzled with pineapple, lemon peel, and vanilla extract with a trace of banana custard. It's deep for its age. The Chardonnay influence is there. There is a hazelnut kind of thing going on here along with a touch of oak.

Finish: Medium. Remains sweet. Creamy. A slight taste of hay creeps up. The sweetness is kept in check by a steady rise of bitter chardonnay. It fades with a touch of milk chocolate. This is very good indeed. Super smooth and quaffable. It's hard to believe that this brand remains under the radar, and I think I like that.

Glad your enjoying your Glen Moray.As you say it's reasonably priced and is well under the radar.The chardonnay cask maturation works really well and the result is an absolute fruit bomb.I gave it 86 as well.In time you'll find it improves nicely in the bottle.In fact I finished my last dram about an hour ago and it won't be long before I buy another bottle.Its easy to love at this price point.

Unfortunately there are far too many "must buys" for people like us. My own list runs into the thousands. There's always something else to spend my limited resources on.I've got an Abunadh 49 in my glass and all I can think about is the other whiskies I need to try. Such is life!


This is an extraordinary whisky for the price I purchased it for.

We start off with this deliciously golden dram sitting enticingly in the glass. As it dances underneath my nose I get a marvelously fresh scent of green apples in the middle of a spring orchard, coupled with the tropical delights of juicy pineapples. It may sound peculiar a match, but it won't seem bad as it rolls over the tongue. This merging of fruits is held together by an enticing butterscotch aroma that sends the mouth watering.

In the mouth I am immediately hit by apple juice and creamy butterscotch, taking me back to my sweet-filled childhood days. Light sugary notes tantalise my tongue while the whisky thickens into a sweet cream. The essence of the Chardonnay really hits home with the fresh and fruity underlying notes.

This whisky finishes with a cavalcade of light fruit juices followed swiftly by the surprising hint of peat smoke that seems completely lacking in harshness, but has enough to leave a light warming feeling in the throat while the dry, fulfilling finish leaves me wanting another glass.

Nice review, sounds like a winner for the price!

Thanks. Just wondering what rating scale you use?

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