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Glendronach 15 Year Old Revival Sherry Cask

Nutty, sherried classic Scot!

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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

25th Sep 2013


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This was a very anticipated bottling considering the wide array of praise it got from the whisky community, and not only sherryfans it seemed. This is no doubt hinting to the overall quality of this malt, but it was also hinted that older (or even way older) whisky was used in this, i can say after having sampled it, that the rumors appear to be correct.

Glendronach is on the eastern border of the Speyside region. It was mothballed in '96 before re-opening shop around '02, this bottling here is their way of paying tribute to the succesfull new ownership under Benriach (which is a malt i will try to sample soon, considering their sherry oloroso and PX bottlings).

The Revival is then a tribute malt, and without reciting more history, since i only wanted to sum up the recent part of it.

Nose: Sherry and very big, but sophisticated, nutiness! All kinds of nuts but the ones i can really point out are probably hazelnuts (first) then almonds and maybe some roasted.. pecan nuts maybe? Toffee and sweet cacao completes the nutiness on the nose very nicely. More bittersweet sherry with sultanas caps off the nose. A very soft, delicate and sophisticated nose this!

Palate: Wonderfull measured sherry arrival! Chewy bittersweet oak (good age) with caramelized or sugared barley. Salted raisins (Bunna-style), slight leather, nutmeg, oranges and some dark-chocolate dipped strawberries. This is a laid-back malt that would be as good an ambassador as any for sherried scotch or scotch in general for that matter, i can really fathom and comprehend the praise it has recieved.

Finish: Delightfull bittersweet wood tannins, with a minty note (spear mint?) and a very well composed malty final straight with a bit of oranges and vanilla.

Glorious old-school sherried scotch, but not only for old-school malt-drinkers, it manages to have a skillful spread of a flavour profile that would satisfy almost any mind that seeks quality.

Not a 100 mile/hour, or 50 or 30 or even 10, this is a mellow, sophisticated senior malt. But an energetic old-timer that keeps you invested in it's story of flavour.

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Akkennan commented

Great review. I have an unopened bottle which is now going to the top of the pile!

7 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

Thanx! Don't think you will be dissapointed :)

7 years ago 0

WhiskyBee commented

Love the detail in your tasting notes. An excellent whisky to be sure, and your review does a fine job in explaining why.

6 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

Thanks WhiskyBee :) Will review the 12 year old in a few months when i'm done with my current malts the other 'dronach i have right now is the quite recently released cask strength (batch 2) can't wait to see what awaits!

6 years ago 0

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