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Glendronach 1994 / 18 Year Old / PX Puncheon #3547

Epitome of Sherry

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mReview by @masterj

16th Jan 2017


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I've had this bottle for a year or so, I've taken plenty sips from it, but never gave it a review, so here goes.

Nose: Stewed prunes, white cake frosting, candied fruit, and nougat. All around, it's a rich nose but you do get some alcohol nips. Oh and did I mention sherry? Yea...there's a lot of that as well.

Taste: Sherry, lots of it, that almost drowns out everything else. Tastes like some nuts mixed with some wood notes and, oh yea, SHERRY!. It's very dry and cloy, the sherry is wreaking havoc on everything that isn't sherry. Body is medium weight. Sherry overpowers everything, so not much in terms of a balance here.

Finish: More sherry, even more sherry, and wood.

After some water and 15 min:

Nose: Richer nuttiness, alcohol wallop, but nothing else.

Taste: Improved. The Sherry is still rich but it's cut down a bit. Much more nuts, sweets, and perfume.

Finish: Decent and long. Some Sherry, wood, nuts, perfume.

Water absolutely kills this Whisky and that's a shame since neat it's not that great. This is a sherry monster, but it's only monstrous in its complete destruction of the underlying spirit.

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