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Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

Stepping-Stone and No More

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@ScotchNoobReview by @ScotchNoob

7th Mar 2011


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[Reposted from my blog - check my profile] These notes are for the Glenfiddich entry-level 12-year-old distillery bottling, with its distinctive triangular green glass bottle.

Nose: Dry, crisp, and earthy without any smoke. A hint of fresh-squeezed lime and green grass.

Palate: Thin, watery body. An initial warming wave of caramel popcorn and hot oatmeal with brown sugar. Not picking up any fruit at all. Just a mellow, baked sweetness with elements of stale cereal. A very trimmed-down, one-sided malt. No oak, no peat, no sherry. Just easy drinking and easy to pair.

Finish: Short, but with a lingering caramely sweetness.

Adding a few drops of water kills whatever nose there was, replacing it with maybe a faint floral air - maybe rose? However, it brightens up the palate, giving some citrusy notes and making it taste a little less stale. I definitely recommend the water with this one, at least a few drops. For a bottle in the $25 range, it's unfortunately only a step above the cheapest blends, with perhaps a bit more drink-ability than standards like Johnny Walker or Chivas Regal. It is best suited as a stepping-stone to better malts, as The Glenlivet 12 is slightly cheaper, and has more complexity, and thus deserves the "inexpensive Speysider" spot in your daily rotation.

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michaelschout commented

I completely agree with you that it's the stepping stone to better single malts. I usually buy a bottle or two every year to share with friends and whatnot, but it's definitely not my everyday drinker.

11 years ago 0

wylcx commented

I don't understand how you could give the Balvenie 15 yr old 91 points.

11 years ago 0

ScotchNoob commented

Actually, I've given up assigning 100-pt ratings awhile ago precisely because of this kind of second-guessing. Point ratings are necessarily subjective, and the fact that you don't agree with mine doesn't really warrant this kind of comment. Unless, of course, you wanted to debate the merits of The Balvenie 15 year, which would probably be a better discussion if you started with an expression of your own opinion of that malt, and did it on that review's page.

11 years ago 0

ScotchNoob commented

@wylcx Not often enough to know anything about them.

11 years ago 0

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