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Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

Coming back to an ol´buddy

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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

1st Nov 2013


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This is the starting point of most whisky adventures, still the scotch yielding the most sales in the world, and with the quality of the whisky since 3 years back when they corrected the course, it is understandable.

Glad to declare that it seems to persevere! Coming back to this after being pleasantly surprised in 2012, i must say that the future is still bright. I used this whisky with my non-whisky friends in switzerland, and they loved it, seems this whisky has honed it's ability as a beginners malt. Although it has quite some more to offer the more experienced among us.

Nose: Classic Glenfiddich 12, apples, green apples, orchard fruits, gooseberries (but more natural and juicy), citrus and some sage. Vanilla sweetness balancing out the juicy sour-acidic note from before. A meadow honey takes over alongside some good quality barley that makes this nose set.

Palate: Green apples (Granny smith's as well as Ginger Gold and Mutsu, very complex). Very complex gooseberries again, makes the malt feel it's quality even more, as well as gaining individuality, since the apple&gooseberry combination is very "Glenfiddich". This is, exactly as on the nose, perfectly matched and balanced by a wonderful vanilla, which hints to the quality of the american bourbon casks that have been used to smooth the rough edges. A tartiny apple-toffee note that gets a slightly weird chocolate-cake icing and some ginger.

Finish: Another positive difference the finish, instead of having a quick fade as in "pre-2010" bottlings, this holds on the ginger to finally introduce some honey and ultimately the vanilla note comes back with some orchard fruits as well, hey!

This a well improved whisky, the scotch i tasted in 2009 wouldn't have been in the 70's but this is well in the 80's.

Still a great place to start but a has now also become a great sparring whisky when compared to a "Big Gun" whisky, for us whisky enthusiasts.

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