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Glenfiddich 18 Year Old

Spiced Toffee Apples!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

9th Sep 2013


Glenfiddich 18 Year Old
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I've been working my way through all the various whisky samples that I received while I was in Scotland, dozens and dozens of different whisky samples, from distilleries, shops, independent bottlers and quite a few whisky friends.

Now with all of this bounty at my finger tips it's often times hard to decide which whisky to try and review next. Do I start with younger whiskies and work my way up in age, or do I start with the older whiskies first? Or maybe I start with the cask strengths, or maybe the rare whiskies.

Instead I've decided to go on a different take, and I'm not quite sure how well it's going to play out.

I'm going to try and find the perfect summer whisky.

See right now I'm sitting in the house, looking outside to a beautiful summer day and inside I tremble just a little bit.

I'm from a city where it can drizzle for weeks on a time, where you can get 200+ days of cloud each year. You ever see X Files or Millennium and notice whenever they're in the Pacific Northwest how it's usually really cloudy and overcast?

That's because it is! And from that I have moved to Perth, where it is sunny, A LOT. To the point that oftentimes you're left asking "what are these clouds you speak of?"

And moving into summer where the temperature is going to start soaring, to 95, 100, 105, 110 degrees Fahrenheit, yeah it's going to be intense and I'm going to cry, a lot.

So like I said I'm going to try and find the perfect summer dram, to help keep me company over the long bright months ahead.

So I decided to head into the Speyside whiskies, so we can expect to see Balvenies, Benromachs, Glenlivets and Glenfiddichs.

Today was Glenfiddich 18 year old.

I cracked the sample bottle and even as I'm pouring the whisky into it's glass I'm picking up stewed apples and spices.

The nose is lovely, absolutely lovely, with apples, pears, vanilla custard, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, dash of orange peel and a hint of smoke.

The mouthfeel is thin, which is to be expected at the 40% abv. This is my biggest issue with Glenfiddich. I love their whiskies, but the mouthfeel gets me every time. I'd love to see them raise their entry level abv to 46% abv honestly. I think it would do so much to improve their already good whiskies.

But enough about that!

Sweet flavors make up the palate, honey, the spices again, a bit of fudge, caramel, vanilla, apples, toffee, nice oak backbone.

The finish is VERY dry, with it being a wee bit floral and oaky, but the fruit and spices all blending together.

Definitely not a bad little whisky, a whisky that I actually quite enjoyed. Runs around $130 AUS at Dan Murphy's which isn't a bad price. I'd actually probably consider this whisky as a gift to a friend who was just getting into whisky as I personally believe that the fruit and spices would suck them right into the world of whisky.

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