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Glenfiddich Experimental Series IPA Cask

Two Experimental Glenfiddichs - Part I

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4th Sep 2017


Glenfiddich Experimental Series IPA Cask
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Glenfiddich has started an experimental series of whiskies, two of which have recently come out. The first one is called #1 IPA Experiment, and was created in conjunction with craft brew expert and brewer Seb Jones of the Speyside Brewery. He made 3 IPAs specifically for this bottling, put them each in casks that sat in the Glenfiddich warehouse, then finished bourbon-cask 'Fiddich in them for three months. The one they selected for bottling was from the "No. 2" IPA (which I believe was made with Challenger hops (whatever that is). It's a beautiful, more contemporary bottle design.

The colour is pale yellow with greenish highlights. The nose is very fresh and young, with underripe pear, green apple skins, heather honey and lemon peel. Grassy. Quite herbal - a little floral as well. The hoppy notes could almost be confused with Orkney peat! A drop of water brings out more hops, more herbal notes and citrus. Very nice but could use more depth.

On the palate there is tons of lemon, honey and green apple. Again, the hops are very subtle, adding an almost peaty, heathery element. Light tobacco. Creamy mouthfeel. Toasted oak. Malty. A bit spicier, and hoppier, with water. Lovely, aperitif-style dram.

The finish is very citrusy with mild spices, some dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla. While this tastes like a fairly young Glenfiddich, the IPA cask finish brings out those fruity, citrusy notes. It could use a bit more richness underneath, but is very pleasant all the same. Certainly much, much better than the Wiser's Hopped flavoured whisky (really, there is no comparison)!

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