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Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition Sherry Cask Finish

Well done Brian!

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@NilsGReview by @NilsG

8th Feb 2013


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I read this bottle goes for about $80 (up to $90) in the US. So when I found it for ¥5,000 ($69) I didn't hesitate, cause I like Glenfiddich, and also after reading @WhiskyBee 's nice comments about the finish, I had to drink it!

(no water added) Nose: Raisin chocolate hits me first. Sherry (obviously), cold soft pear. A very sweet nose. A little too sweet for my personal taste. Getting some more perfumy stuff towards the edges of the Glencairn

Delivery: This is something that makes me chew instinctively. It's by no means a complex start. But I don't necessary need complexity, and that's not what I'm look for in a Glenfiddich anyway. How to describe? I'm not impressed by the taste, however I find it absolutely delicious. Malty and sweet, and right about when it's traveling back before the swallow the sherry starts creeping in.

Finish: I'm not anywhere near qualified to describe this, but I still wanted to post a review about it this great whisky because there aren't many out there yet. This finish takes you on a ride...chewy sherry, oak makes a subtle and dry appearance. Then creamy sweetness, and I feel as if it has a slightly higher ABV than the stated 43%. What happens then, not always but this it what if often get; the finish kind of disappears for a brief moment, then starts again. The first time I took a sip from this bottle I thought "that's it?! Not as long as I expec...oh here we go again!" Slow pulses of malt, dark chocolate, not so sweet banana... Very harmonic, and a little woody/dry, hardly any bitterness. Very long, I don't think I have experienced the end if this finish, I'm too impatient and will always have the next sip before it's over.

Summary: I was taken away by the finish the first time I had a sip, I was kidnapped with a serious case of the Stockholm syndrome. But now after several evenings with this bottle I feel like I have gotten used to it more. Some of the initial pleasure was the surprise it gave me. Still, I will call this whisky great. If you see this bottle in a bar, I strongly recommend anyone to start the night with it to experience the finish. If you like Glenfiddich, then get the bottle, it's a little pricy, but it's just about worth it in my opinion.

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NilsG commented

I accidentally posted it before I was done writing the tags, and proof reading. Why can't you go back and edit again once you've written a review? "i-impresdive" was meant to say unimpressive. I was gonna add more tags too, but never mind.

7 years ago 0

WhiskyBee commented

@NilsG -- Wonderful review, and thanks for the plug. I also wish we could edit reviews so I could go back and eliminate about half of mine!

Connosr member ScotchNoob (proprietor of the excellent scotchnoob.com site) is about the only reviewer I've read who wasn't impressed by the finish in the MME (he even linked to my review in his, with the comment "Maybe I'm missing something"). After reading his comments, I had to try a dram from my half-empty bottle to see if I wasn't missing something, or imagining things that weren't there, but I'll stand by my original comments. This stuff has a superb, lasts-forever finish.

I thought I'd mention ScotchNoob's review, however, as a your-mileage-may-vary warning to others.

7 years ago 0

NilsG commented

@WhiskyBee I read that Scotchnoob review too before, but his impression of the fiddich 12 is vastly different from mine too so I decided we have, apart from him having tonns of more experience than me, have quite different palates. When reading your review I felt more I could relate to it for some reason. The argument that it is a little price I can understand however. I didn't have to pay as much fortunately, but even if it had cost me $80 and I had known how good it was I'd still have bought it, but that's about where I'd draw the line, if it was $90 I'm not so sure anymore.

7 years ago 0

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