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Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition Sherry Cask Finish

Another side of Glenfiddich

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@AKGcandlefishReview by @AKGcandlefish

3rd May 2013


Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition Sherry Cask Finish
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My first-year graduate students surprised me at the end of the semester with this incredibly generous gift to thank me for my work with them for the past year.

The Glenfiddich 12 was once a mainstay in my house, but I grew out of it. The last time I had it, I thought it was 75 whisky at best, so I've been reluctant to try any of their other varieties. This one is double matured in bourbon and sherry casks to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the distillery.

Color: just red of apple juice.

Nose: an incredibly fresh and aromatic bouquet of fruit, oats, and spice. Apple, cinnamon, and caramel dominate, with granola and raisins in the background.

Body: medium and silky.

Palate: pretty much what you get in the nose. Tastes a lot like what I imagine eating spiked cinnamon-apple oatmeal would taste like. Creamy, warm, and buttery. Quite good!

Finish: one last burst of oats and an aftertaste of chocolate that lingers for a while. Not a hefty finish, but warming and pleasant.

This reminds me a lot of my encounters with various varieties of The Balvenie, but better than any of those. This was a delicious edition to my collection and suggests I should explore more of the Glenfiddich range with an open mind.

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whiskyjourney commented

Nice review! I picked this one up as well, and I enjoy it.

If you are looking at more Glenfiddichs I'd recommend the GF 15 Year Old. The 3 cask types and Solera Vat method makes it better than their 18 in my opinion.

10 years ago 0

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