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Glengoyne 10 Year Old

An unexpected malt!

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

23rd Oct 2014


Glengoyne 10 Year Old
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Glengoyne is known to be the slow unpeated scotch. By that, I mean that Glengoyne never uses peat and the process used to distilled it is said to be slower than any other process used for scotch. Because of that, I was expecting a light whisky. That was not exactly the case.

On my first dram, I had some herbal notes, some charred wood and some overcooked peach pie both on the nose and the palate. There is some heavy syrup with depth but not very defined. I can past over the impression that this Glengoyne is the best part of the blend Té Bheag. The herbal notes also reminded me of Cambleton. I was forgetting to mention, that the palate is a lot more sweet than the nose.

Before my second dram, I had some Longrow CV. On the nose, I now detect the vanilla, some nail polish with a hint of banana and the sourish acid note is now more like sweat. There is also a very present white oak. The body doesn't seem as oily as before the Longrow CV. Although, if you let it stay on the tongue, you will feel the sweet film on your teeth and the peach syrup is back. Definition is now better. Maybe the oxygen helped.

I often compare the evolution from nose to finish with a story. Well, with this Glengoyne, I would say that it is hard to find where the author want to go but it is quite enjoyable. With a little brine and salt (like a Clynelish) it would be a wonderful scotch.

For the price, it is different and well worth a try.

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