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Glenkinchie 12 Year Old

Apple cider X2

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@GeorgyReview by @Georgy

23rd Nov 2016


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NOSE: apple cider vinegar, apple juice, green apple skin, tangerine notes and a touch of floral. Vanilla.

TASTE: smooth, slightly oily, cookies, almonds, spice and apples again.

FINISH: short, apples and faint almonds again.

BALANCE: ok. But apples do stand out big time.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: not much to write home about. It's ok, but it's easily forgettable. Not impressed at all. I've been sipping it for 3 weeks now. And it hasn't changed a bit. So...yeah. Not a great.

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Victor commented

Don't think I've ever seen anyone raving positively about Glenkinchie 12. I had a truly horrible Glenkinchie 12 yo 4 or 5 years ago, and then a very decent one a couple of years after that. Still not one I'd be going out of my way to purchase, though, unless I found an especially good batch and had the opportunity to taste before buying.

@Georgy, thanks for your review. Both your score and sentiment go strongly with the consensus on Glenkinchie 12. Sounds like you got one with a very strong sour component ("apple cider vinegar"). That would put me off.

5 years ago 0

Georgy commented

@Victor It sure puts me off. It's one of those whiskies which no matter how hard you try to like it, you still will fail miserably.

5 years ago 0

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