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Glenmorangie Lasanta

Tastes like Christmas

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18th Sep 2010


Glenmorangie Lasanta
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Lasanta has an almost enchanting colour; deep and rich. The colour borders on a light copper in the bottle, but is a lighter straw in the glass.

The first thing on the nose is sticky toffee pudding with double cream, this is followed by fetid butter (my wife disagrees and asserts that this is 'sweaty socks'). There is noticeable alcohol on the nose, not overpowering, but enough to tingle the inside of your nostrils. Slowly the nose develops with a gentle citrus note and raisins and flour come though, like scone dough.

A reduced nose still has the rasins, but in the background and the butter/socks come to the front, accompanied with flour and treacle. There is a hint of something floral, perhaps rose, but it is masked mostly by the strength of the flour and butter combination.

On the palate there are winter berries and raisins again, there is toffee and golden syrup, smoky wood and Brazil nuts. There is also a burned rubber taste, which is not at all unpleasant. The palate is, in general, simple and the sherry is definitely at the centre.

Adding water, the palate becomes lighter with oranges and sugar cane. There is bread and butter pudding, cinnamon and coriander seeds. There may also be a gentle hint of coffee.

The mouthfeel is light and does not have the viscossity of other Glenmorangies, such as the Original or Nectar D'or but does leave a dryness in the mouth. The finish is a medium long leaving a gentle sherry and butter (or socks) flavour behind for some time with a woody dryness that lingers beyond this. Reduction with water does not change the finish much at all, simply adding a little rosewater to the woody ending.

Overall this is not as complex as many other whiskies and is definitely my least favourite of the 'extra finished' GlenMos, but is still one of the must-haves in my cabinet.

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LeFrog commented

Great first review @jiminorris, I need a bottle of this in my collection so added to the wish list.

13 years ago 0

Katipo commented

There is a sweetness about this finish that I am not too fond of, and I just can't escape. I much prefer the port finish, which in my limited experience, is a real keeper.

11 years ago 0