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Glenmorangie Nectar D'or

Candied Orange with a Twist of Lime

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@jwiseReview by @jwise

22nd Jan 2011


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I have heard a lot of wonderful things about the Nectar D'Or from Glenmorangie. I ordered a sample of this whisky from Master of Malt, as I really wanted to taste it, but from the distillery's description I don't foresee this being a whisky I am going to want a whole bottle of (a little too citrusy from the tasting notes). Let's get to it!

The Nectar D'Or is bottled at 46% ABV, and is non chill-filtered.

Nose: The nose is a bit closed off, not like the Sonnalta PX. While being a bit closed, it is still very good: honey, vanilla, and floral notes. The fruit aromas are subtle, but there. Nectarines and a little orange marmalade.

Body: Plenty of body to fill the mouth. Rich and firm.

Palate: Spice comes in on the front. A bit of candied orange.

Finish: Very citrusy on the finish, which is quite long and slightly spicy. A little lime mixed in with the orange citrus. However, it isn't sharp citrus, but just the aroma from oranges and cloves simmering on the stove.

This is good, but I don't think I'll be buying a bottle. I think I like Edradour better, which I describe as "candied orange peel." It has more going on than this one. The nose is great, and the palate is tasty, but the finish is just a little too citrusy for me.

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CJames commented

I agree with this, really didn't take to this bottle - I really couldn't get much depth out of this above the really floral zestiness. It was also pretty hot considering it's relatively low ABV. It's definitely drinkable and is a good whisky but I won't buy another - I'd really like to try the Astar.

9 years ago 0

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