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Glenmorangie Nectar D'or

A Strong Wine...

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@VinodiuzReview by @Vinodiuz

10th Jan 2012


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From the French wine 'Sauterness' casks comes this wonderful Nectar D'or of Glenmorangie. Delicious and dessert, like wine whisky...

Nose: vanilla, lemon/citrus, sweetness of tropical fruits and spices as nutmeg.

Taste: Fully bodied, of a dessert wine, elements of tintly lemon zest, honey, sugar grapes and roasted nuts on the aftertaste.

Finsh: long, honey, coconut and vanilla chocolate.

Great creation of Glenmorangie, recommended for people who like drams who have wine elements in it. Sweet and delicate.

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talexander commented

I own a bottle but have yet to crack it open. I've had the Quinta Ruban (which was too tannic for my tastes) and the Sonnalta PX (which I liked more), so I'm very curious to see how I react to it, as I don't tend to be drawn to the wine elements.

11 years ago 0

Vinodiuz commented

Goodmorning Sir,

Thanks for your comment. Well it is ufourse a whiksy and not wine. But the title what I use for this review of the Nectar D'or, is cause this great dram have rested for 2 years on French 'Sauterness' casks., wine casks. And for me, personally, I find some wine elements in it. Nose and taste the most. But that is ufcourse for everybody different.

11 years ago 0

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