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Glenrothes Cadenhead's 17

Marmalade in a Sandalwood Pot

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@RianCReview by @RianC

20th Nov 2019


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This is a long overdue review from a sample sent to me by @wierdo.

I've never had any Glenrothes before and am always keen and eager to try something new. The review is with a little water.

Neat - This was as described below but more tightly compressed and with more of an alcoholic nip (although not in a 'bad spirit' way). There was also more sourness - definitely better with water.

Nose - Some soft and creamy bourbon notes, sandalwood, lemon drizzle cake, marmalade and light toffee.

Taste - More marmalade and lemon peels with some tannins creeping in as it develops. Kind of in the mid-range in terms of mouthfeel with a little waxiness.

Finish - Medium length. More of the sandalwood and some creamy, light malt - becoming quite sour and dry on the exit.

I used to own a sandalwood beaded necklace that I loved the smell of and this whisky reminds me of it big time - there's a sweet incense quality to this that I really like. I've also been eating lots of Frank Cooper's Coarse Cut marmalade of late and I find it curious that I'm getting lots of that here as well. Overall, this is a whisky full of light and delicate flavours that come together nicely and while the finish isn't great, it does have some character; others may like a more woody/nutty finish than me. The nose is definitely my favourite part.

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