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Glentauchers 1990

Average score from 2 reviews and 3 ratings 71

Glentauchers 1990

Product details

  • Brand: Glentauchers
  • Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Vintage: 1990

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Glentauchers 1990

There are mediocre whiskies, there are bad whiskies. Unfortunately we ventured back into the bad territory, with a whisky that for the time being has the dubious honour of being the penultimum single malt whisky on my list. Only second to the Drumguish of the Speyside distillery, a harsh verdict indeed.

Nose: waxy and salty structure: apple buns sprinkled with cinnamon fresh from the oven, strong notes of caramel (disgusting, as if you can taste the colouring), some roasted chestnuts and a whiff of eucalyptus.

Mouth: sharp and bitter on the palate with notes of nutmeg, chestnuts, dour acorns and tea. Vegetable elements as well: endive and carrots with a few unidentifiable sour notes in the tail.

Finish: rather short, sharp and drying with a peppery edge.

Conclusion: While other describe this as a whisky that is rather weak on the palate, I wouldn't use the term "weak" here as it could imply a lack of taste. And it surely didn't for a 40% whisky.

If I had to discribe the palate in one word I would rather use the term:"repulsing".

Good nose, bad whisky, thumbs down.


The famous bottler from Elgin, Gordon & Macphail, has released a couple of semi official bottles of this obscure Speysider. This one was distilled in 1990 and, after 16 years in a cask, bottled in 2007.

The nose is very creamy, almost buttery, on baked apples with cinnamon. Perfumed with a bit of rosewater. Light hints of roasted almonds. Pleasant in all its simplicity.

It is rather weak on the palate. Sweet on apples and nuts, but also very grassy and somewhat bitter. Cold Earl Grey tea. Not very good, I must confess. Some cinnamon, but also nutmeg and ginger.

The finish is even more bitter than the palate, making this one, as far as I am concerned, going downhill.

The nose is the only element of this Glentaucher that was pleasing. The palate leaves a lot to be desired and the finish is way to bitter to call this a beautiful whisky.

I have the 1991/2007, while I'm not expecting a lot, I do hope I enjoy it slightly more than you enjoyed the 1990!

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