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Glenturret 34 Year Old 1977 Malts of Scotland

Turkish Delight

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

23rd Mar 2012


Glenturret 34 Year Old 1977 Malts of Scotland
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I confess that at first I found it a bit strange that Malts of Scotland decided to launch two Glenturrets side by side, that are only 3 years apart. This one is older, yet has a slightly higher ABV. Ah, the individuality of casks, eh?

In contrast with the 1980, the nose on this Glenturret is much more grain and nut oriented. Think breakfast biscuits and almonds. A lot of vanilla and honey, this time around. No carton box, but all the fruit. Tangerine and a hint of banana. Dried pineapple, as well. After a few moments, some light brown sugar emerges. Very softly spiced. I am fond of this. A whole other profile than the 1980.

It is creamy and mouth coating, sweet and sour on citrus (lime, mandarin and grapefruit) with loads of honey and brown sugar. Evolves towards Turkish Delight and pineapple cubes. Very fruity and inviting. Slightly drying from the oak. Spicy. This is very good indeed. It even shows a dusty side, emphasizing the age.

The finish is very long on fruit, that remains juicy until the very end.

This is a very good whisky, carrying the age with dignity. A sporty bloke in his thirties. Now I understand why MoS bottled both casks at the same time. They are two totally different Glenturret, like children with one different parent, if you take my meaning. This one will set you back 170 EUR, though. But it is quite a step up from the 1980.

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Chengdoozie commented

This one surprised me. I had bought it at a Duty Free Shop because it came with a laptop briefcase, which I was going to have to buy anyway.... This is the only whisky which I've ever liked without adding water to it. Very mellow and enjoyable.

11 years ago 0