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Glenturret 8 Year Old 2009 ‘Ruadh Maor’ B’s Choice

Bart’s Choice

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

11th Aug 2018


Glenturret 8 Year Old 2009 ‘Ruadh Maor’ B’s Choice
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A new Belgian bottler has emerged! B’s Choice. B is none other than Bart Heggerick, better known as one of the strong men behind the Smoking Buffalo series. But now he has his own label. Time to make an entrance. Will he, with his first release? Glenturret is not exactly a very sexy name – or is it? The label is designed by Belgian artist Julie Tavernier. The whisky is 8 years old, matured on a single sherry hogshead and is bottled at 63.3% ABV (What? Yep!). The label also states ‘Ruadh Maor’, which means something like redheaded steward or red guardian or something like that – my Gaelic is a little rusty, and Google begs to differ. Could this be a reference to the sherry cask? Who cares? I am very curious about this – very pale – whisky.

Ouch, now that’s a dangerous nose. Burning, to be approached with trepidation. It numbs the nose, this monster. But patience and care offer up a malt that smells somewhat young with a lot of yeast, grain and pear drops. Clearly very young, yet intriguing. Apples, some nougat and… plasticine? Adding water makes it a little ‘dirty’, if you know what I mean. Withered flowers, green garden herbs and even some burnt rubber. I am yet undecided, but will give it the benefit of the doubt.

On the palate, this malt is very hefty, but wonderfully fruity on gooseberries, apples, pineapple and something that reminds me of hazelnuts. Icing sugar and vanilla keep it sweet, while the wood offers up some spiciness. Fresh and bright, though. I hope it can take water. Oh, it can! And how! Wonderfully fruity and very accessible: summer in your glass. Vanilla, yellow and white fruit, a tropical hint and loads of spices. Very layered whisky.

Wonderfully long, warm and spicy finish, without losing its bright fruitiness. But I like it a lot better with water.

Give it a few drops of water and you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic Glenturret! While 85 EUR does not seem cheap, don’t forget this is a single sherry cask at very high strength. Impressive and somewhat daring release and I must confess, after a few sips: I am fond of it.

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