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Glenury Royal 1968 36 Year Old

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Glenury Royal 1968 36 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Glenury Royal
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 51.2%
  • Age: 36 year old
  • Vintage: 1968

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Glenury Royal 1968 36 Year Old

There are two versions of the Glenury Royal 36 Year Old, one from 1968 (which I will try today) and one from 1970 (of which I cannot seem to find a sample). We can honestly say this is liquid history, as the distillery has been silent since 1985 and was closed definitively in 1992. I got this sample quite a while ago from my good friend Whisky Buddha (you know who you are).

Fresh and floral nose. Dandelions, tulips and lavender. This is upholstered with apricots on syrup, pineapple in its own juices, Granny Smith apples and litchi. Halfway through some juicy tangerines join in. But hardly any oak after four decades. Quite fresh. Slowly becomes somewhat waxy, which I can only encourage. Some honey and vanilla kick in. Very nice nose.

Beautiful, sturdy arrival, immediately honeysweet with a sour lining. The oranges talk first. Slightly alcoholic, as if there is some Cointreau in there, but with (loads of) ginger and (a pinch of) nutmeg. The apricots and pineapple are in hot persuit. The apples are stewed. Again quite a bit of honey. I am having a hard time believing this is 36 years old. Amazing.

Fairly long finish on oranges liqueur.

Well, for a first encounter with this distillery, it is quite a pleasant one. This bottle is actually still available, but you will have to pay a king’s ransom for it. Online you can get it for between 500 and 600 EUR (while last seen on auction for around 400 EUR).


This 36 year old Glenury Royal was part of the Diageo Special Releases of 2005. Only 2100 bottles were made available at around € 600. It seems it has never been a great seller because recently they were offered in different shops for as low as € 200.

Nose: scented and floral with a significant amount of oak polish and sawdust. A bit of vanilla. Mango. Hints of parma violets and lavender, but not really perfumy. Some peaches and apple compote. Gets quite leathery and chalky. Some peaty / farmy notes but they seem to disappear as soon as you pinpoint them. A complex and rewarding note. Fresh, fruity with a distinct ‘oldness’ to it at the same time. Quite lovely.

Mouth: very juicy and fat, building up much more peat now. Lots of spices from the oak, sawdust and again a leathery foundation. Hints of smoke and roasted nuts. Some bitterness and herbal notes towards the finish.

Finish: long, slightly bitter, with toasted oak, nuts and varnish.

A very complex malt with a unique but slightly difficult character. It seems to continuously switch between fruity notes, herbal notes, freshness, harshness and many other things… Still available with a nice discount.

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