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paddockjudge started a discussion

Join me in raising a glass and offering a toast to one of our vintage connosr members - HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTOR!

11 years ago

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Jonathan replied

Happy birthday Victor! In my short time around here, I have learned much from you!

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Pudge72 replied

Happy Birthday and best wishes to a kind and generous gentleman. I am a richer person for knowing you and Dramlette.

A pour of George T. Stagg (2011) shall be had in your honour.

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WhiskyBee replied

I've got a dram of Ardbeg 10 in my Glencairn at the moment. If I'd known we were toasting to Victor, I'd have chosen something more special.

All the best to you, Victor. You're one of the main reasons we're all glad we joined Connosr.

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Happy Birthday Victor! The time you take to answer my questions, no matter how dumb they may be at times, is ALWAYS appreciated. You are a true class act sir.

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maltster replied

All the best for you - I'll raise a glass in your honour!

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systemdown replied

Congratulations Victor, on the anniversary of the day of your birth. I shall dedicate my next dram to you for your unwavering contribution to this community. Cheers!

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JeffC replied

Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed, and learned something, from all our tastings and look forward to more.

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msudukie replied

Happy birthday. Thanks for helping to create such a great community. Will have some Uigeadail in your honor.

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Lars replied

Happy Birthday Victor! You are truly a generous man, I will raise a glass in honor of you this eve.

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Onibubba replied

Happy Birthday! Keep the taps flowing and be well!

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PMessinger replied

Happy Birthday Victor I will only be able to raise a dram of Aberlour Abunadh batch 39 as it is the only scotch that I have open worthy of such a grand celebration. Best of health and happiness to you. :)

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Krau replied

Happy Birthday! May you celebrate many more! Thanks for all of your insight.

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GotOak91 replied

Happy Birthday Victor! from NE Missouri

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Nolinske replied

To @victor your bookers review and other insights were the main reasons that I joined and have been astounded by the community of Connosr! Happy birthday buddy!

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bwmccoy replied

I am celebrating Victor's birthday at my favorite whisky bar with a Springbank 21.


As many have already said, I really appreciate your contributions here. You are a truly gentleman! Hope you and Dramlette have a wonderful day! Happy 60th!

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bwmccoy replied

I hate typo's. Sorry Victor. Obviously, I meant to type that you are a true gentleman!

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Abunadhman replied

Happy Birthday Victor! Raised a, not so wee, wee dram to your continued good health and fortune. The Whisky, the best in the house for a gentleman of the forum: a'bunadh #44.


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Many happy returns Victor!

I have deliberated for many hours over which dram to raise a toast to you with- and I have chosen....

So it is with a generous measure of Old Pulteney 12 I wish you a wonderful birthday, Slainte!

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I am toasting with a dram of Dark Horse.

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Victor replied

Many thanks to each and every one of you for the very kind birthday greetings which you have sent to me. I love Connosr and greatly value my friendships with each of you. Some of you I know face to face, some at a distance. I look forward to having the opportunity to get to know more of you face to face in the future, over some good whisky. I toast each of you now with a glass of Balvenie 21 yo Portwood. Slainte!

And a special thanks to you, @paddockjudge, for posting this discussion.

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Nock replied

@Victor toasting you with a favorite of yours: Thomas H. Handy 2010 at 63.45%

Here is to face to face conversations over drams in the years to come

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bwmccoy replied

@Nock - Sorry. I accidentally hit the thumbs down while reading your post. Should be more careful when reading these on my iPhone.

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Cardinal replied

Happy Birthday Victor! Having a AAA 10 Yr and toasting you . Hope you had a great day

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SlowPuffs replied

Yes! A very happy birthday to you,Victor !!!

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I'm a newcomer around here, but the name of Victor looms large, and it's one to be respected! Happy birthday, Victor. :)

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Wodha replied


Happy Orbit Day! Another lap around the sun. May the coming year be your best yet. I appreciate your opinions and insights and look forward to hearing many more about our collective obsession.


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PMessinger replied

Hey I just checked while I poured a dram in @Victor 's honor the ABV of the Abunadh batch 39 is 59.8% that's as close to 60 as can get. :)

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SquidgyAsh replied


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