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Highland Park 12 Year Old

Sea Salt, Caramel and Coal

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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

15th Feb 2015


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I purchased this bottle after reading a handful of nostalgic reviews. Although I typically favor the smokey, peaty, Islays, I felt a little silly that I had never tried anything from Highland Park. It is a good whisky and I liked every drop. With that said, it may be awhile before I buy another bottle, as I feel other alternatives around the same price have more to offer.

  • From scotch glass, splash of water:

Nose-20: clean/subtle, salt water, honey, snicker-doodle cookie

Palate-19: cinnamon-spice, prickly pepper, lingering dry floral and soil notes, bitter wood, dry hops

Finish-19 warming, salt water, charcoal fire, more dry hops

Balance-21: smooth

Overall 79

  • From snifter, splash of water:

Nose-19: leather, black pepper, warm orange peel, dry sugar cookie

Palate-20: hardened caramel, sea salt, floral notes, dry dirt, blackberries

Finish-20: fresh-chopped firewood, smoke, smoldering coal

Balance-21: not too sweet, not too smokey, easy to drink a little too fast

Overall 80

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