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Highland Park 12 Year Old

Highland Park aged 12 years

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@huinemanReview by @huineman

11th Nov 2020


Highland Park 12 Year Old
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Old review: get yourselves back to Nov 23, 2015, early evening. Where were you? (Rhetorical question.) I was by a fireplace at a cozy boutique hotel in Madrid that goes by the name Only You (strongly recommended if you ever come to Spain's capital) sharing a drink with my uncle. I guess he'd have had his usual Hendrick's G'n'T with its also usual cucumber slice, and I went for this scotch: ordered some ice, a bottle of naturally mild sparkling water, produced pen and paper and got ready to review it. And now, five years later, I bring it here for you to share.

A wheaty golden oily pour with a glittering emerald cast to it, highlighted even more when you add some ice cubes. Aroma is quite diverse, which I appreciate in my dram: you have your sweet sides, such as molasses or honey, your malt tones, the likes of breakfast cereal, your green tinges (I'm thinking moist lawn or savin juniper) and a delicious aroma of mandarin. Boy, do I like this nose.

Mouthfeel is silky, oily, mouth-covering. That's something I like about my scotch: when it covers the interior of your mouth completely: gum, tongue, palate, teeth, cheeks... Much more than the ones you gulp down and it's as if they had never been in your mouth, just your gut. But I guess this is something I share with basically all of you, no big discovery here.

Finish is long-lasting and citrus-ladden, with metallic undertones and almost no bitterness. Very nice for a 30€ bottle scotch.

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