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Highland Park 15 Year Old

The Rain Forest Chamelion

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@vrudy6Review by @vrudy6

16th Jun 2014


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I read the descriptions of this whisky and often is characterized as having primarily heather honey. Myself being from The Caribbean (Puerto Rico), and now residing in Miami Florida, really have never come across anything with or related with heather. However, what I pick up in this wonderful single malt is reminiscent of my hikes up the peaks of the El Yunque rainforest-- A protected national park 45 minutes east off San Juan. AS you climb up, you are surrounded by damp vegetation like ferns and moss. colorful plants like Birds of Paradise and orchids.

Nose: Honey, caramel, vanilla, slight sea-spray, delicate flowery smoke, rain forest. An amazing dram awaits!

Palate: This is a Chameleon whisky. Starts off with the honey center-stage, very assertive. Warm. Caramel, A Spanish Natilla develops with that ever-so pleasant burnt sugar on top. The sherry is there, but way in the back. The sultry sea-spray envelops ever-so slightly. there is a hint of milk chocolate. Slight oak. All wrapped in a blanket of damp, earthy, rain forest flowers.

Finish: Sweet, caramel, Those damp rain forest flowers again blanket the tongue, reminding you of the flavor that you just swallowed.

Sherry monsters don't " tickle my fancy," or "Pop MY clutch," or "Butter my muffin." They just don't really do it for me. I like something more balanced. This HP15 arrives thick and full flavored, but it develops in a delicate fashion. Really hard to describe. This is what I always look for in a whisky. I guess that you know by now that I really like this dram.

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Rigmorole commented

Nice title for your review

9 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Springbank 10 yr, and Bunnhabhain 12 yr should be some malts you should consider trying in the near future.

9 years ago 0

vrudy6 commented

I've tried and reviewed Bunnahabhain 12, exceptional malt. I haven't yet tried any of the Springbank expressions, but they are on my short list. Thanks for reading my reviews. Cheers!

9 years ago 0

SimeonSanchez commented

Fascinating. I believe this may be one of my next purchases.

9 years ago 0

Elapid commented

You need a small splash with this to open it up for the nose. It doesn't have the sea breeze flavor you get from from some of the islays but it is there subtlety. I prefer the taste of Bruichladdich Laddie If I'm looking for the flavor from the sea so prevalent with the Islays

9 years ago 0

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