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Highland Park 18 Year Old 5cl

One More Fan of HP18

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@VictorReview by @Victor

27th Jan 2011


Highland Park 18 Year Old 5cl
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It is a wonderful thing when unexpected acts of kindness manifest in one's life. Recently as I was leaving the liquor store the salesman ran after me. I thought that I had left my credit card at the checkout, but he said, "Take this!" and handed me a complimentary 5 cl bottle of Highland Park 18 yo. I felt like I had won the lottery. I already like and keep a bottle of the Highland Park 12 yo and I have wanted to try the Highland Park 18 yo for some time now. I will be scoring this review and future reviews of most malts on the advanced scoring system, but will use the simple scoring system for bourbon and rye whiskeys

Nose: fragrant sherry, floral, almost like roses,a little sweet, caramel

Taste: sweet sherry, but not too much, pleasant barley-malt flavour, just a hint of salt

Finish: flavours hold up and remain consistent for a fairly long finish

Balance: this package works nicely together. It is flavourful, but still quite mellow. The sherry adds to the mix, but does not overpower

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jwise commented

I didn't see any mention of smoke, which is one of the core characteristics I get out of HP 18yr. In fact, it was the smoke that made it stand out from HP 25yr. I think I referred to HP 18yr in my review as: "Sweet Smoke", or something like that.

13 years ago 0

Victor commented

You are right that there is a good deal of smoke noticeable which I did not single out to mention. 'Sweet Smoke' is actually a rather good title for this whisky. I suppose that I assumed some degree of peating, and would have commented if I had found none. Haven't yet tried the HP25yr for comparison.

13 years ago 0