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Highland Park 18 year old ‘Viking Pride’ travel edition (46%)

New Travel retail edition of the 18 year old...

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@galgReview by @galg

29th Sep 2018


Highland Park 18 year old ‘Viking Pride’ travel edition (46%)
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Highland Park 18 is one of my favorite whiskies of all time, this is not a secret, and I think many people share that love for this amazingly well crafted balanced whisky. I find myself tasting 100’s of whiskies yearly, and still going back to the HP 18, after a some time I have not sat and appreciated a dram , thinking “this is brilliant stuff”. It’s hard making something so good even better. Recently with the revamping of the TR range (duty-free as we mortals call it), together with the new whiskies, (one of which I’ve reviewed recently : Wings of the Eagle, and the rest will be reviewed shortly) , they released an 18 year old TR edition of a 18-year-old whisky. The bottle is quite different (as you can see it’s black and sexy), and the whisky is slightly different bottled at a higher abv (46%), the whisky is vatted from a selection of 120 sherry seasoned European oak casks, married together before bottling and bottled at 46% abv.

Nose: Ah, it’s very nice indeed : A nice sweet touch with dried fruit , but not too heavy (think dried apricot), there’s a very nice charred oak and ashy touch with the HP peat in the backdrop , some toffeed apple vanilla and heather honey , with a touch of saltiness. There’s a nice balance of sherry influence , oak, and sweet / salty notes. very nice indeed, although i think the wood influence here is not as strong as the original 8.

Palate: Nice honeyed backbone, with a zingy touch, some peppery notes, ripe orange, chocolate, fudge, more wood char, and lovely ashy notes, peat and heather, with the smoke and sweetness going on for a while, again a touch of salt.

Finish : chocolate, salted toffee, warming smoke, and quite a lot of oak. Love it.

Conclusion: Many people (rightly) say that Travel Retail stores are filled with under par whiskies, which are overpriced and of lower quality. It might be true , but not for this whisky. It’s just excellent. A real nice HP, and easily recognized for the signature HP peat, heather and sherry. If you’re a HP fan, and you’re going to want a bottle of this nectar. Well done, balanced, complex and highly drinkable. Brilliant.

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MadSingleMalt commented

Does it seem like this is supposed to be different version of the regular HP 18?

Or is it an HP that happens to be 18?

(I hope that question makes sense.)

5 years ago 0