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Highland Park 25 Year Old

A beautiful early autumn day

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@PaulTReview by @PaulT

9th Apr 2011


Highland Park 25 Year Old
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On the nose: Two drops of water to open it up. Notes of caramel; some oak as well. Sweet notes are clearly present just above the glass. Mainly notes of raspberry syrup there. Back inside the glass again; smell the forest. Leaves, a hint of smoke, moist earth with subtle notes of flowers. This is a beaitful early autumn day. It prepares you for a well balanced, rich whisky.

On the palate: Oak, flowers and earth, some caramel, a little smoke and a flavour I can’t quite place. Some dried fruits and walnuts, I think. It isn’t really a flavour on its own, but more of a way the whisky settles in your mouth. At this moment I can tell this is good whisky, but it’s all about the second sip. So there we go again. Oh, even better now. Almost immediately the sweet raspberry syrup shows up and then fades away. Oaky dryness. It feels full and smooth, gentle but strong. It doesn’t overwelms you but rather fills your mouth from top to bottom with richness and then takes you away. Long lasting aftertaste.

Conclusion: A beautiful whisky. Fullbodied and well balanced. Pleasantly powerful. Worth the money, though the HP 18y is perhaps more value for the money.

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talexander commented

This one is wonderful - but nothing beats the 18 YO in my opinion....

12 years ago 0

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