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Highland Park 25 Year Old

Average score from 7 reviews and 22 ratings 91

Highland Park 25 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Highland Park
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 50.7%
  • Age: 25 year old

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Highland Park 25 Year Old

Never in my wildest dreams had I dreamed of trying this one before I actually bumped into it at this whisky festival on Saturday. The price tag of about 700$ is really too expensive for me, so I am really thankful for having had an opportunity to try it, because...frankly, if I ever bought a bottle, I'd be really disappointed. Not because of the whisky, but because of the fact that for this price I could get a few bottles of my favorites that are equally good. All that being said, here it is...

NOSE: (without water) fruity, rounded, floral, apricots, ripe peaches. At first, this whisky is really gentle. It doesn't shout, it whispers. Vanilla sponge cake (delicious!). Now, there is also this subjective sensation you get out of it which is to do with sweetness. Here, it is beautifully polished, like a Rolls Royce surface, unlike the velvety kind of sweetness you get from a lot of other whiskies, if that makes sense. There is also an immature alcohol kick that I've preciously found in a few rums. (with water) It becomes richer in the vanilla department, pizza crust (funnily enough), bergamot black tea leaves. 23/25

TASTE: explosion of dried fruits (raisins). It needed water to really open up into fruitiness and vanilla, as well as revealing a noticeable tobacco note. 22/25

FINISH: a little bit drying with just a hint of peat. Medium length. After adding water you get a vanilla cake here as well. 21/25

BALANCE: 24/25 - nothing is out of place here. Very nice and smooth.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: a beautiful experience, but it's not worth the money you'd pay for a bottle.

That's all well and good but for me, this is one of the greatest whiskies I have ever tried. A hefty price tag but sweet Lord is it good!

@Alexsweden, I am with you on being a huge fan of Highland Park 25 yo. I am not in on paying $ 700 for a bottle of it. If I ever get a bottle of HP25 for myself, it will probably have to be by way of a trade.


Nose: vanilla, honey, chocolate, hint of smoke

Palate: vanilla, oak, hint of smoke and peat

Finish: long and lingering with a hint of smoke and vanilla.

Very rich and near perfection. Too rich to guzzle which is perfect at this price.

The 25 is the new 18 for three times the money! Yay! Gotta love the way the whisky industry is evolving. . . .


gift sample from a friend

Nose: I love these things - nothing coy about it. Vanilla, honey, and an obvious, not overwhelming, dose of wood. Some clean peat&smoke combo, and flowers. This has all the hallmarks of a HP. Fruit hangs out in some of the layers as well: peaches, pears, apples in nougat. Pinch of salt. Honey-caramel. Rich and delicious. Maybe even a little menthol. Lots of fine sherry comes out with time, along with fresh nuts (as odd as that sounds, nuts can be freshly picked, right?) Great stuff. Definitely worth the wait.

Palate: Thick and punchy, the way we like these sort of honeyed whiskies so they don't all turn out to be the same. If honey were magically alcohol, this could be it. It does have a heavy dose of wood riding throughout, but it carries vanilla and smoky peat with it. A little chocolate-coffee cake, spiced, and with a few burned corners, but still buttery moist in the far backdrop. The sherry fruits are a bit lighter here than the nose, but it's a very gentle mixture of them all.

Finish: Lots of all the same, and a hint of the smokiness remains. Honey, vanilla, salt, sherried fruit, coffee liqueur, malt chocolate. Minutes later, I even got a hint of shellfish, very nice all the way. The oak was a little loud for me on the palate, even as it kept the whole from being too sweet. It's thick, rich, flavorful, and very well made with the usual mix of HP goodness. It's just delicious.


I opened this glorious expression last New Year's Eve which was really my way of telling my friends and family how special they were to me.

A thick syrupy nose, dripping with dark honey, chocolate, char grilled tangerines, breakfast marmalade and that scrumptious layer of burnt sugar found on top of a perfectly cooked caramel pudding. I was so glad I chose to go with this expression to impress my friends! Cuddle with it a little more and you will experience a sprinkle of aniseeds atop a rum fruit cake. All of this is then perfectly balanced against the backdrop of mature oak. Perfect!

The velvet delivery first comes with black pepper and then quite expertly balances out with a spread of maple syrup, orange zest followed by a sprinkling of dark chocolate flakes.

At nearly cask strength the finish is satisfyingly long, dry and oaky. There are cloves with the minutest touch of tobacco and leather and, just as you're about to bid adieu, there is that delicious burnt sugar on top of the caramel pudding.

Even though there is a slightly bitter aftertaste I don't think it will affect my popularity with my friends!


On the nose: Two drops of water to open it up. Notes of caramel; some oak as well. Sweet notes are clearly present just above the glass. Mainly notes of raspberry syrup there. Back inside the glass again; smell the forest. Leaves, a hint of smoke, moist earth with subtle notes of flowers. This is a beaitful early autumn day. It prepares you for a well balanced, rich whisky.

On the palate: Oak, flowers and earth, some caramel, a little smoke and a flavour I can’t quite place. Some dried fruits and walnuts, I think. It isn’t really a flavour on its own, but more of a way the whisky settles in your mouth. At this moment I can tell this is good whisky, but it’s all about the second sip. So there we go again. Oh, even better now. Almost immediately the sweet raspberry syrup shows up and then fades away. Oaky dryness. It feels full and smooth, gentle but strong. It doesn’t overwelms you but rather fills your mouth from top to bottom with richness and then takes you away. Long lasting aftertaste.

Conclusion: A beautiful whisky. Fullbodied and well balanced. Pleasantly powerful. Worth the money, though the HP 18y is perhaps more value for the money.

This one is wonderful - but nothing beats the 18 YO in my opinion....


Nose: bourbon-like woody sweetness, Christmasy spice like nutmeg, maraschino cherries.

Palate: rich caramel and maple syrup being supported by aromatic (herbal?) peat and smoke

Finish: smokey and sweet, like eating a candy apple next to a campfire

I found this whisky to be very indulgent. The price is expensive, however, I don't feel like I wasted my money. I know that many many will probably disagree with me, but I find the local Orkney peat that HP uses much more aromatic than Islay peat. Whatever your opinion, Orkney peat is definitely unique.

My notes differ from others' in that I don't find this whisky less balanced than the 18 year old. The 25 shares many similarities with the 18. The two main differences between the two that I note are as follows:

1) They both have an initial sweetness but the HP 18 is a more nutty toffee sweetness and the HP 25 is a more rich caramel or maple syrup.

2) The finish on the HP 18 is a more dry smoke and the HP 25 finish has the smoke but with some background sweetness.

Overall, well worth it and if you like the HP 18 like I do, you'll be pleased to discover what 7 more years does.

Great review jwise! I must say that the HP 18 has a slight edge in my mind but it's probably mostly for sentimental reasons. I honestly find it really difficult to review Highland Park whiskies in an unbiased manner because I really adore the distillery. I don't work for them, I just love their stuff!

I'm Hopefully getting a bottle of this for my birthday in March. Tried it once at a bar and fell in love! Easily one of the best whiskys i've ever had. Such an amazing nose and beautiful rich complex palate. It is a very different dram to the 18, but thats a given with extra maturation - it really stands out in the 25, something I really love in a whisky.


Nose: definitely grassier and waxier than the 18yo. More resinous notes as well. The honey accents are still there, but less pronounced. More peat, less caramel. Walnuts. It’s difficult to say whether this is better or not, it seems a lot sharper and a bit more one-dimensional on the nose.

Mouth: really muscular: more peat, more grass. The sweetness was traded for a waxiness and there’s a bunch of pepper. It’s bigger and less gentle, which is a good thing.

Finish: very long with dominant spices and warm peat. Less smokey than the 18yo. Some marmelade at the very end.

I definitely enjoyed this whisky. I believe I like it better than the 18yr, but I would have to review my notes back to back and then re-taste them at the same time to be sure. I also got less smoke on the finish with the 25yr, but the wax and grass character were lost on me. I described it as a cinnamon peach cobbler baking in a dutch oven over hot coals.

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