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Highland Park Hjarta 12 Year Old

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11th Jan 2010


Highland Park Hjarta 12 Year Old
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Ah, the Hjarta - a 12yr Cask Strength Highland Park. Available only through the distillery's website, the distillery & in nordic countries. Which of coarse leaves the rest of the world out (unless you have sources...).

I've been lusting after this for some time and now it is in my possession (Mmmmwwwaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!).

Let's cut to the chase and go to my thoughts on it, shall we? Yes, we shall:

Color - old pirates gold

Nose - for 58.1%abv, no where near as prickly as I had expected. I could jam my nose in there 'til my "Hjartas" content (or I run out of oxygen). Licorice, fried pineapple slices, heather, smoke and moldy celery. A bit salty and a wee more grassy

Palate - A bit more hot now, spicey, some sherry notes, buttered toast with honey & jam (raspberry), pineapple again and wisps of smoke, peat & figgy stuffs - all in all, a very luscious dram (reminds me of the succulency of the 18yr)

Finish - long and a bit burny (in a good way), the sherry comes back up, smoke.

Rumor has it that a 12yr CS may be on the way as a standard expression for Highland Park. If the Hjarta is any indication as to what we can expect - I'll be waiting with baited breath!!

The 18yr is still king in my book but this is uber nice!

Thanks to the fine gent who helped me get a bottle!!

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galg commented

oy vey.the hjarta. (Lev) indeed a very hard dram to come by... any HP is awesome , but this one is Cask strenth and ideal for winter (ok, i know israeli winter is summer in some countries) but hey, it's good.

the nose on the 18 is much nicer, that's right. but the palate here, with the extra OOMPH of the CS, does the job. and the case josh, u forgot to say that it comes in a friggin' coffin. like dracula... ;)

all in all i love it. now, let's wait for the 12 CS, or the Earl magnus. i know Jeff from the scotchhobbyist is saving for that one...

Slainte, and "lechaim" as we say in hebrew.

14 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

Unfortunately, I rec'd on the bottle - did not get the case. Not too upset - the liquid, and my access to it, is the most important part!

14 years ago 0

galg commented

right on the money. i prefer the bottles to the boxes, also more room for more malts on my shelf (wife not to happy about it )

14 years ago 0