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Independant Bottlers

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casualtorture started a discussion

So being a relative newcomer to whisky, could someone enlighten me as to how independant bottlers such as Gordon and MacPhail work. Do they visit a distillery and find a cask they like then buy the whole cask and bottle it? How do they choose and how do they source? Me and a friend really enjoyed the few G&P samples we've had so I'm just curious how it works.

8 days ago

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Victor replied

Yes, that's what they do. That is also what everyone else from private individuals to individual stores, to store chains, to drinking clubs do: they visit a distillery, taste some casks offered to them, then buy the cask/barrel and have the whole cask bottled for them. They then own all of the bottles and decide what to do with them, i.e. to whom to sell or give them.

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Nozinan replied

I believe some of the bottlers, like G&M, buy newmake spirit and do their own maturing. I read somewhere that G&M had many casks maturing in their warehouses. I believe that they may even switch the spirit into better casks if necessary but have no hard evidence.

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Victor replied

...and the Independent Bottlers buy not only single casks for bottling, but also multiple casks which they themselves may vat together to establish a whisky product.

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NNWhisky replied

If you like indie bottlings, check out That Boutiquey Whisky Company. They make some amazing juice at very reasonable prices

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Alexsweden replied

Talk about a dream job!

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Ol_Jas replied

@NNWhisky , is their stuff really consistently great? I had the impression their releases were more of the "interesting & unusual odds and ends" variety, rather than "best quality we could find" variety. (I've never had one.)

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nooch replied

My experience with independent bottlers has been consistently positive. I find they are often cheaper for aged whisky than the original distiller and the quality is great. Cadenhead. G & M. Good times.

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Ol_Jas replied

@nooch I agree. Every IB I've had has been good, with the one exception of a wine barrel–aged Bowmore from Murray McDavid. (Yes, I should have known it would be bad based just on that info!)

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